16 July 2011

My LinkedIn Profile, as told through business cards

Spanning 17 years working in Information Technology.

Started out as a Sales Engineer.
Spent time outside of office hours chatting via the BBS (Bulletin Board System).  Quite happy that management, who were only a couple of tables from me, permitted this.

Moved to Systems Engineering, in charge of the Network General Sniffer System and designed Local Area Networks.  At that time, it mattered that you know what an Ethernet frame was and what's inside it.  Token Ring and FDDI were touted as more reliable than Ethernet (10Mbps at that time).  Guess where these are now.  Less than a year later, became Supervisor.  We also maintained the company email system running on Linux.  I was thrilled at the prospect of running a Unix system.

Became Product Manager for Remote Access and Net Tools.  This was the time of Terminal Servers (Shiva) and Network General (Sniffer).  Also handled Bay Networks.

A re-org saw me back at Systems Engineering, this time as the Manager. Our group often got in trouble with Tech because we'd install the latest versions of Windows and Office without approval, and so we'd have a somewhat incompatible system with the rest of the company.

Another re-org and the department was renamed Product Management Group, which functioned as both Systems Engineering and Product Management.  This was the heyday of WarCraft.  Learned HTML and Photoshop at this point and started developing and managing the company website.

Got awarded Employee of the Year.
The following year, I left.

Joined WolfPac to be trained as a Web Developer.  This was in 2000.  Missed my friends at the old office.  Didn't help that they kept visiting us at the new office!

Returned 7 months later and became Marketing Manager.  Sentimental old me.  I wonder sometimes how things could have been if I stayed.  I might be a CSS and PHP guru by now!  Oh well.  Used my new skills to revamp company website (was horrified to see an animated Pikachu balancing on a ball on the website!) and made it a priority marketing opportunity.

Seven years later, got another top award for the year.
I left the following year and moved to another country with my family.  I'm sure it's just coincidence that I left whenever I received an award.

Now working as Web Manager.  Happy that I am learning new stuff and applying it to my work.

When I graduated from college, I said to myself that I will have a job that involved computers.  I applied first at Texas Instruments.  Nine (nine!!!) separate interviews later, they did not accept me.  There wasn't even an official letter of regret.  They just told me to follow-up, and follow-up, and follow-up... I'm still irritated actually, even after all this time, why they would do this to a person.  At any rate, I went to Manila and got better prospects.  Persistence is really key.

17 years and counting.  I wonder what excitement the future holds!


  1. 9 interviews? sobra naman. TI - which location?

  2. Its all good as long as you're still learning something new and you're moving up.

  3. Hi Jaz. Sa TI- Baguio.

    @Ping-i: you're right. Learning always makes work interesting.


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