04 July 2011

A PostSecret Wedding

The email below is part of this week's PostSecret.  It's a very nice story, and I would like to share it with you. Oh, and the Dominic mentioned therein is not me!
My name is Ashley. Four years ago this coming October I discovered the PostSecret Community. It was a safe haven, a place to share my deepest thoughts and feelings, it was a place to be one hundred percent myself.

I had no idea or intention to pursue any sort of romance through PSC, my closest friends and family had no idea I even participated in online forums... PSC was my secret. Then I met Dominic.

He was a photography major from New Jersey, I was an undeclared college student living in Florida... we became friends rather quickly due to our shared interest in photography and art in general. Friendship grew into feelings and before I knew it Dominic flew down to Florida to meet me in person.

At the airport I nervously held a sign with his name on it, we saw each other, threw our arms around each other, and have yet to let go. I moved to Philadelphia to be closer to him that following October, almost a year to the day that I joined PSC. We moved in together, went to school together, rescued two cats together... all over the course of three years.

This past May I spent a good amount of time, twenty-two days actually, back home in Florida. This was the longest Dominic and I had been apart since I moved to Philadelphia, needless to say we missed each other terribly.
When my plane finally landed in Philadelphia I was giddy to get off and was ready to see my guy. I walk out of the concourse and see him waiting for me, holding a sign with my name on it, just as I had done for him a few years previous... except Dominic then flipped the sign over, and written on the other side was "Will you Marry Me?".
We've set our wedding for October 2012. I had no idea when I joined PostSecret Community that I would find the man that I was going to marry. We both credit the honesty, vulnerability, and trust we had for each other upon meeting to PostSecret.
By the time we finally met in person, we didn't have the awkward period of getting to know someone, we just worked. PostSecret made us so comfortable with ourselves, that we were able to be completely comfortable with each other.
We finally got to thank Frank in person at his speaking engagement at Monmouth University this past fall. Be on the lookout for a wedding invitation in the mail, Frank!

Don't worry, we've got your address.

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