26 January 2005

Blogging in the workplace

We had our business planning a couple of weeks ago. It signalled a fresh slate to run fresh marketing ideas for the company. As our boss said, we need to bring back the fun in Marketing! He wants us to come up with new ideas to promote the company. We are quite lucky to have him as our boss.

Anyways, the group had some meetings prior to the planning, when Pauline said, "I thought about this last night. Why don't we use blogging as one of our communication tools?" Now, why didn't I think of that?!

We talked to great lengths about what the corporate blog should be about, and we communicated with our software group if we can come up with such a concept. And we have a name and logo for it already. The blog will be named blogIT; IT stands for Information Technology, our niche in the industry. BlogIT ... catchy name, isn't it? Only, I later discovered that blogit.com was taken already. So we took the next best thing: blogit.com.ph.

I presented this in the planning session, and this topic got a curious and enthusiastic response from management. One of the many questions was, 'what's a blog?' It was exciting to inform them about something I'm passionate about. I think I earned the monicker "blogger" and some of the people here would remark, "blogadoo!" when they see someone from Marketing.

Blogging definitely solves our perennial problem of coming up with the corporate newsletter, because when we complete one issue, the content is already outdated! It would have been nice if we can dedicate time for the newsletter, but as it is, we have other tasks to complete and deadlines to meet.

The blogsite isn't up yet. It's supposed to be online by this time, but the software guy is still working on it. Thanks to Yuga of ploghost for his assistance in the domain name reservation and answering my questions about the blogging technicalities!

We will be holding meetings with the different groups here to educate them about blogIT, and I'm sure some will even be interested to make their own.

Now this is fun!
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