27 January 2005

Taking control of compulsive buying

Francis (an office colleague) and I went to Wendy's for lunch yesterday. And then we visited some electronic shops for a quick stop on what's new in the market. Oooh, MP3 players! Small enough to hang around your neck, yet powerful enough to hold 64 or more songs! And with an FM tuner to boot! All under 8K! The red, police car lights were flashing and sirens were blaring in my head (credit card dues! unpaid bills!), but I seem to be magnetically drawn to them, looking over all corners of the box and fiddling with the demo unit, hypnotized by these wonderful devies ... I'm a gadget freak. Guilty as charged.

Whoops! Saved by the bell! We had to rush back to the office. My interrrupted reverie resumed after office hours as I logged-on to this site and started checking how I can compare model stats.

My old N-gage beeped, signalling the arrival of an SMS. Suddenly it dawned on me that I am already holding an MP3 player with FM tuner, and with gaming and mobile phone functionalities built-in! And my phone already has 128MB in it. Whoa. Goodbye MP3 player...

Lesson of the day: Don't buy multi-function devices. :-)

PS. You might have the new N-gage QD in your shopping list: it does not have FM tuner and MP3 player built-in. Good news, or bad news? Good for me; I'm sticking with my old one, never mind the quirky way you have to hold it when making calls.


  1. yap, don't buy on impulse. shop around with your eyes and come back the next day. if you still want it buy it.

  2. Hello Amie. Kasama na dun yung di ka makatulog sa kakaisip? ehehehe


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