16 January 2005

Home is where the TV is

There are some things whose presence you typically ignore until it gets taken away from you. And then you miss it terribly.

We had a company meeting last weekend in Tagaytay. I usually get to stay overnight in these areas as part of a business trip; I really would not intentionally set-off anywhere unless necessary; put me in front of the TV and hand me the remote, or give me a good book and I'd be content right where I am.

The setting was quite nostalgic. We got to stay in wooden cottages. I made a beeline for our cottage assignment and guess what I looked for first: The TV and cable channels available: my two companions for late night work and among the last things I see before getting a shuteye.

I miss TV.

It was unbelievable but somehow I managed to get through the night. And early in the morning, I opened the door to a dewdrop-laden, foggy, overcast morning. A cool breeze wafted by and I crossed my arms to brace myself from the cold. Ah, it was a nice change, waking up to the sight of a wide sky, and sub-urban surroundings.

And it made me miss home too.


  1. well hello fellow TV junkie, its sunday and im intimate with my TV. Take care :)

  2. Hello Vixen! One thing I didn't mention is that I'm not really the sociable type, so after meetings I usually stay in the room, with the TV as my companion.

    Hello Ric! Yes, the computer and the Internet are indespensible too. Without the latter, I find nothing much to do with it. I think I've outgrown playing games on the PC, but I still play PS2 games every now and then.

  3. i'm a couch potato myself but then again i also enjoy peace and solitude so being without tv is not such a great deal. our retreat is coming up this feb, that means no tv too. but then who needs tv if you're going to be roomed in with chatty colleagues.

  4. Uy, girlie talk! ehehehe. Without TV, I would usually bring books and Reader's Digest. But I was caught unawares last weekend. Anyways, I joined the inuman session Friday night so I had fun nonetheless. We were there Thursday til Saturday.

  5. tv i can live without. i hardly ever watch, since i prefer to read. siguro kasi hindi nakaugalian. :) glad you enjoyed your weekend.


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