05 January 2005

A lightning ball from my mommy

Part of the holiday fun in our office is the kris kringle. The cost of the gift is tagged at 500 pesos, but being the wish-a-boss-picked-my-name kind of people, many would post gift requests at the bulletin board that cost at least three times more than the suggested price. Perfume and branded clothing are a popular choice. These posted requests, also by custom, are met with witty and funny comments written beside the notes. Others are more considerate, and would put in at least three choices so their mommy/daddy would have more freedom to choose.

I put in three things in my wish list: a lightning ball (the comment on which was, would I need a UPS to make this work?), a lava lamp, and a Dilbert book. The first two items cost between 700 - 800 each, while the book costs around 600. It was just a wish list after all. And I love novelty items.

Lucky me! I learned beforehand that my mommy wanted to give me more than 1 item. The 'proxy' approached me and informed me about this. They had to let me know because they didn't know where to look for these! So the proxy and I shopped for my gifts. The Dilbert book is out of stock, so I got the lightning ball and the lava lamp instead. Whoopee! I felt like a kid getting what I wanted for Christmas. The not so good part is, my wife thinks I bought these for myself. *Sigh*

And guess what. My colleague Pauline gave me a Magic 8 Ball! What a fun holiday it had been.


  1. Hi, Nick!

    No problem. You could link me up:D Actually, I have another blog. It's here on http://eclair.bizhat.com/blog

    Glad to meet you!

  2. Hello eClair! Thanks for visiting! Dropped by your other blog. Sino po si Yumiko?

  3. Hi, Nick!
    This is a character profile I got from the net"

    I am a librarian and one time, as a student, my friends Tyran, Reggie and Brymac told me about the anime and manga Read or Die. I got hooked on to it;) Shemps. Librarian ako eh:D And shemps love ko ang mga bookworm! Ako rin kasi eh *laughs* Tambak na yung books sa bahay. Napapagalitan na ako ng mom ko. SHe has two bookworms for daughters, you see.

    I would like to meet you and your wife one time. I am a newbie librarian, in a sense. And it would be neat to meet other librarians.

    For other links related to Yomiko and Read or Die, you could visit http://del.icio.us/eclair/anime

  4. So you are a child at heart too, watson. That's somethin we have in common. I'm happy you got what you wanted last Christmas. :)

  5. Hi Doc Emer! That's what I also surmised in our last EB. You were quite a jolly person there, medyo nahiya nga lang akong makipag-usap talaga hehehe.

  6. Hi Nick!

    Happy New Year to you too! I wish you and your family all the best in the coming year.

    Thanks for your compliments on my photos! The Polar Bear Swim was a lot of fun.

    I like your new lightning ball, it's really cool!

    Have fun,

    -Mark Klotz

  7. bossing watson!!! swerte sa mommy...baka pwedeng maging sugar mommy ang mommy mo, mwahahha! musta musta sa iyo at sa esmi mo :)

  8. Tanggers! Swerte nga eh, kasi usually isa lang sa list ko ang natutupad. Ok naman kami ni esmi. Happy New Year sa inyo!

  9. hey i like that item. i think i'm gonna look for one for myself.

  10. Hello Amie! Happy New Year! Mas maganda kung iregalo sa yo! Magparinig ka na lang sa friends mo. :-)

  11. magparinig? hmmm no more occasion na eh.

  12. hi watson. parang ako ata mommy sa kris kringle na to... im happy you loved the gifts...btw, bat wala ang name ko sa blogrolling mo? you better put my name or i'll stop using this blog-it thing....hehehe

    princess em

  13. Hello Princess Em! Actually, nasa list ka. Yes, I love the gifts. Thanks ha!


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