29 January 2005

Visiting Narnia

First of all, thank you very much for Ms. Tatz for the pizza merienda break, and for Ms. Apple (Happy Birthday!) for the chicken dinner at the office. Sana araw-araw ganito sa opis!


I was visiting random blogs this afternoon when I came upon this post from Allthings2all. The noble lion Aslan in all his splendour behind a setting sun!

If you're not familiar with who Aslan is, then I highly recommend your visiting the wonderful, magical world called Narnia, where Aslan is ruler of all. I got my first does of magic and wonder back in high school through The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, where four kids got the adventure of a lifetime in Narnia. And I with them.

And a wonderful read it is! I can always vividly recall the crunching of the snow as the kids first stepped into a Narnia cursed with an endless winter, of sleeping in the woods with the beavers, of hiding underneath the bushes, devastated as the evil mythical beasts created a wild stampede, celebrating their victory after the fall of good, and of the joy in the coming of the sunrise.

I got all excited when I read the post from Allthings2all because I just learned that there is going to be a movie! Slated this coming December 2005, Andrew Adamson of Shrek and Shrek2 will be directing, and Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson's WETA Workshop will be undertaking the completion of the sets. It is a thrill to hear of this, and it is assured that the overall theme and content of C.S. Lewis' masterpieces will be retained in the movie version. 2005 is looking up to be a great year for movie buffs!

So if you haven't read C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia yet, grab a copy today. Never mind if the book is targetted for kids aged 9-12 years old; I bought another copy of this book last year and it still wove its old, magical charm, prompting me to read most of the other books (there's seven in all). But I'd say The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is definitely the best.

News sources for the upcoming movie:
Narnia Web: The #1 Source for Narnia Movie News
Welcome to Narnia (Official Movie Site)
Into the Wardrobe :: a C.S. Lewis web site

[photo borrowed from here]


  1. Glad to see a fellow Narnia fan on the blogosphere. =)

  2. Doc Emer! See you at the movies!

  3. that was neat, but I honestly know more about kids (considering I hate kids) than cartoons, thanks for that insight. It sorta feeds my ignorance har!

  4. i have a good feeling this movie is going to be big!! was there a play/musical about "the witch, the lion & the wardrobe" by the trumpets long ago? hmm... im curious about this... ill try to get hold a copy soon... :)

  5. Hello Doc! Yep, it is going to be big. That excitement will last me for the rest of the year after Star Wars III. I'm not sure that a copy is out already but if there is, do let me know! :-)

  6. Narnia is cool! It rocks!
    I got a copy in plain vanilla ASCII of all 7 books;)

    By the way, I am not on http://eclair.bizhat.com/blog anymore due to problems with the server.

    I am now on http://clair.pinoyweb.net and http://clair.free.net.ph

    Please drop by one time!

  7. Hello eClaire! Wow, wasn't it difficult to read the books on a computer monitor? I prefer flipping pages while reclining on the sofa :-). Sure! I'll drop by your new place for housewarming!


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