06 May 2005

I'm Kermit the Frog ... not!

It was quite hilarious, when I think about it. When we did our field trip last week, we were able to drill down our choice vacation spots to two: White Rock in Subic and Caliraya in Laguna. However, these two places also abound with creatures feared by my otherwise-brave and daring companion - frogs!

We were walking along the grass-carpeted grounds of White Rock when Chu suddenly stepped back and pointed warily at something on the ground. A frog! O horror of horrors!

I thought I'd have some fun with him at Caliraya. I pretended to pick up something from the grassy ground and ran towards him. Realizing what it might be, he told me he'd punch me right there and then. It was hilarious. Still, when we get to stay in either of these places, I was thinking of buying plastic frogs and place it on his bed for a morning surprise. Tee hee!

Well, I also learned that some of my officemates are also "allergic" to these things.

I'm not really a prankster, so if Chu happens to read this, don't worry. :-) I practically grew up with tadpoles, frogs, and dragonflies so these are not a problem for me. What I am afraid of though, is blood. The sight of it makes me pale and dizzy. I'm not sure why, but that's that. And perhaps they can't also explain why they fear frogs.

A quick search revealed that fear of frogs is called Ranidaphobia. There is even a method of treatment for this fear. This site has the slogan: "Imagine what your life would be like without fear of frogs". Ah, think of the possibilities!

Oh, and Hemaphobia is the fear of blood. Hmmm... they also offer treatment for this phobia. Well, I don't see blood everyday anyways so I'm fine, thank you.

By the way, they like Kermit the Frog of The Muppets. And I like dinuguan (blood stew; visit this recipe from The Radical Chef). Wierd, huh?
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