26 May 2005

The kindness of strangers and friends

25052005I drove off for the office yesterday morning without a hitch. Upon arriving at the parking lot, I checked to make sure all doors were closed after the alarm beeped to announce it has secured everything. Then off I went for the office.

At 8PM, I was finally trudging back to the parking lot while talking to one of our principals on the phone for event preparations. The parking lot attendant waved to me. Something was wrong. My rear brake lights were on for the entire day! Uh oh. The battery must have been discharged.

I tried to disengage the alarm remotely. No beep. Uh oh. I had to cut my phone call short when my caller inquired why he was hearing a car alarm beeping incessantly when I manually turned on Blackie (the car's name).

As I was pondering what to do next (I just drive; I know nothing about troubleshooting), the owner of the car next to me arrived. He inquired what happened and immediately offered to help. He suggested making a series connection with his battery to resuscitate mine, and promptly took out the necessary cabling. He was discussing about my options and patiently explained the probable causes. I decided to call upon Francis as well (a good friend and colleague) in case he might be able to help. He was on his way to a basketball game but said he'll be right over.

A few minutes later, he arrived. I thanked the stranger for his trouble; he left the cable with us and requested the parking lot attendant to keep it after we're done with it.

To make the long story short, Francis successfully got Blackie running again, then he promptly left after making sure I will be fine. He advised keeping the engine running in half an hour to ensure that the battery gets re-charged sufficiently for the ride back home. While waiting, the attendant shared stories and kept me company.

I arrived home safely and promptly disconnected my battery, as the rear brake lights were still apparently on short-circuit mode.

It was an unfortunate incident, but at the same time I feel blessed for being at the receiving end of the kindness of strangers and friends. I'd like to thank the parking lot attendant (whose name I forgot to ask), Aries of Boehringer, and Francis Carigma. Pay it forward!


  1. indeed! good samaritans! now it's your turn to do something nice for people :)

  2. Hi Amie! I am indeed so fortunate that night when I needed help. :-) And yes I do intend to pay it forward.

  3. :)

    it's so nice to know that strangers are still out there, extending a hand to otehr strangers...

  4. Buti nalang hindi ako yung nandun sir nick tapos lasing ako...baka maging paranoid ako tapos magsisisigaw ako ng MULTO!!!! MULTO!!!!!

  5. Ah yes, the dreaded dead battery. Fortunately, my car is a manual shift so I can push start it provided that there is no incline. I have also learned to carry a set of jumper cables along at all times for the times when I can't push start it and a good samaritan is nearby to jump the battery.

  6. Hi Mec. It certainly puts your trust back to humanity. Well, for most of the time :-)

    Chu! Malamang di mo na rin mamamalayan na ayaw umandar at makakatulog ka na dun hahaha

    Mr. Abbey! I learned the jumper cable method the had way. As for push start, I'll have to ask my colleagues to ask me how it is done. Hopefully it won't be on Blackie. :-)

  7. hi watson.. it was really nice of that stranger to help you out.yer right in saying that you are actually BLESSED during that time. =) galing ni kuya francis ha! pinagpalit ka sa basketball!!

  8. Ako ang pinaka dreade kong mangyari e tumirik ang sasakyan ko sa gitna ng highway. alagang maghihintay ka na lang ng tow truck na ang mahal ng bayad. Buti na lang mabait yung car ko. Parating timing na may tutulong pag nasira.

    Bait nila no?

  9. good thing nothing bad happened to u, and of course, to blackie :p

  10. Hi dessagirl! Oo nga eh. He was about to go to EDSA already at that time and he turned back.

    Tito Rolly! Oo nga, buti na lang naiisip nila na mag-tantrums sa places na may tutulong!

    Hi Vixen! I was about to leave Blackie in the parking lot to spend the night but he might get angry and have more tantrums in the morning!

  11. I still believe there is goodness in everyone. If we just learn to give a little bit more trust and allow to take a chance.

    I am glad everythin turn out alright with you.

  12. The Jump Start Method:

    1. Turn ignition to on
    2. With car in neutral, push it as fast as you can.
    3. Jump in
    4. With clutch in, shift to second
    5. Let out clutch
    6. The car will start if you are going fast enough but it takes some skill to keep it going because once the motor turns over and is going, it will want to stall again due to lack of speed. But with some clutch work and gas work, you can keep the car going. It helps if you have two people so one person can push and the other can work the pedals.


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