10 May 2005

Love the 80s

I have a new post in blogkadahan.com! The title is "Bad Fashion and Great Music". The rest is written mostly in Filipino, though.

With that title, I'm referring to the unforgettable 80s, a time when I was in high school and life was so much easier and fun! And the clothes! The more contrasting the colors, the better. And with glittered gel and metallic buttons to boot!

The 80s fashion may never see a revival, but the songs from that time certainly has a enduring appeal to it. In fact, I regularly hear these in radio stations, in bars, and even bands play them. Today's generation has even learned these songs and can sing to the tune. It's truly timeless. I'm sure they would have also loved wearing the funky clothes we wore. Or maybe not.

In blogkadahan, I share a snippet of my high school life, and how these songs still remind me of those happy times so long ago.

And when you're done there, do visit my post on Spirit of the Glass in my other blog, which also happened during high school. Happy bloghopping!

[photo borrowed from Hollywood Teen Movies]


  1. crush ko dati yung guy sa left.. what's his name again? hehehehe!

  2. When I was in the Philippines, it seemed like the country was musically stuck in the 80's because everywhere I went they were always playing. I kid my wife about that every chance I get.

  3. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Napaghahalata edad ng mga blogger. Hehehe!

    - fionski

  4. Uy, Pretty in Pink I like the OST of the movie actually, hehe.

    What's funny is that there is a partial revival of 80s fashion now (thank God it isn't with the tall hair). Just take a look at the off shoulder, wide-collar shirts, the use of contrasting yet coordinating colors, and the fact that Chuck Taylors are again in style. These are what my fashionista officemates are wearing and preaching to their readers.

    Yup, Nick. You can start going through the baul for your 80s clothes. You just might be fashionable again. :)

  5. oo nga! tama si cherry falovored papaya! uso na ulit ang malalaking shades! tapos with regards to color, pwede na pagsabayin ang yellow and green, pink and green, brown at yellow. laos na yung hip hop look na XXXL ang suot mo kahit 80 lbs ka lang. sa mga noon time show naman, yung mga baguhang singers palaging 80's ang kinakanta para mapansin.


    sino ba nagsasabi kung ano na ang uso at hindi? and who gave them the authority!?!

  6. Hello Tanya! Hmmm.... I porgot also hehehe

    Hello Mr. Abbey! Yes, it does seem like 80s is here to stay. Especially in the Philippines. Fridays is usually 80s night in radio stations, and they's play great music! I wonder how your wife reacts to your cajoling. hahaha

    Hi fionski. 80s ka rin ano? hehehe

    Hi Cherry! Talaga? Oo nga pala, na-mention sa akin ni wifey yung kanta ni Sarah Geronimo. Yung backup dancers nya, naka-80s!

    Ummm... Chu, ampalaya po yun, hindi papaya. Hehehe. About the fashion authority, si Dessagirl yun.

  7. ay!!! sorry. cherry flavored ampalaya pala. c ma'am dessa walang alam sa fashion kasi loser siya

  8. i object! chu, bakit hindi mo aminin kais na-super nacu-cutan ka sakin pag naka 80's outfit ako?! ha?!

    ey watson, 80's was real fun for me kahit gradeschool ako nun, i had my palong and denim jackets already! hehe. i like the chunky accessories too. wag lang yung shoulder pads.. yuck!! baduy!

  9. Chu,
    ok lang po un. :)
    Ung fashion kasi usually nakukuha ang trend sa US or Europe and it gradually trickles into the Philippine fashion scene courtesy of the fashionistas. Sometimes though, there are some innovative designers who manage to come up with designs that catch the public's attention.

    for tanya and nick,
    people in the picture from left to right: Andrew McCarthy, Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer. (My sister bought the book based on the movie, hehehe)

  10. Hi dessagirl! Talaga? Pataasan pa ata ng palong yun ah. hehehe

    O ayan chu. A backgrounder on fashion trends from cherry :-)

  11. thanks for the info cherry-flavored ampalaya. curious lang kasi ako palagi. feeling ko kasi there is an underground fashion government who has the power to say what's cool or not.

    Sir Nick! thanks sa pizza!

    Dessa...ikaw ang naglalaway pagnaka-porma ako. one time nakasuot ako ng fit tapos nagwawala na yung chest and arms ko. bigla mo nalang ako pinansin tapos hinawakan mo yung triceps ko tapos sabi mo...WOW CHU!!! kamukha mo na si jerry yan ng F4! Loser!


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