19 May 2005

Where was I?

I was out of the country last weekend (I went to Baguio) on official business and arrived here in Manila last Wednesday. I'll post photos and some stories when I get settled at work in the office. Got lots to do right now. Until then, see you at the Star Wars screening! Yay!


  1. you finally went home! good for you. :)

  2. Wouldnt it be nifty if you could get a pic of a ghost? Baguio is the ghost capital of the Philippines, ask kabayan Noli. Hehehe.

  3. Star Wars... Drool... Bwahaha! Dunno if I'll be seeing it today.

  4. Hello Jessie! Oo nga eh, ang sarap umuwi!

    Fionski! Actually may isa akong photo na may ghost pero di sya halata. Kokonti lang ang nakakakita kung nasaan. Hanapin ko yung post ni Tanggers.

    Igor! Star Wars week na! Yay!


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