11 May 2005

Dr. Love

My wife and I found something nice to do before we go to sleep. We found the magic of the AM Radio (which I talked about in my other blog. Previously, we'd scan for stations that showcased classic Filipino songs, sung or hummed to the tune, then call it a night.

Recently, however, we found another delightful source of ... ummm ... fun. There's this program called Dr. Love at DZMM. It starts from 10:15PM til 12MN, Monday thru Friday. It's free love consultation on-air.

You cannot imagine the variety of love problems that are voiced out. Examples:
- a girl who has two boyfriends; one in the city, one in the province. She doesn't know what to do; who will she choose!
- another girl has a visitor then in comes her boyfriend in the middle of the night and makes a show of himself with rude behavior. What is she to do?
- a mother has a daughter who has been influenced with bad company and now goes home just to pack food (grocery shopping?) and stays elsewhere. Oh what to do?!
- a guy calls in and says his girlfriend left for the province, and he knows she has a boyfriend there too, and she hasn't returned his calls for months now. He's so confused. Aaaarrgh!

So while Dr. Love dishes out his advice, we spat out a piece of our mind, like we were part of the show host. We'd make pretty good advisers, but it will be of the insane, wacky kind! The kind that the character Amanda plays at the Amanda Show in Nickelodeon where she answers mail asking for advice.

It may sound nasty, but we can imagine the host rolling his eyes at some of the dilemmas his callers dump on the studio floor. But don't take my word for it; listen to Dr. Love tonight!

Quote for the day: "It's funny until it happens to you. When it does, call Dr. Love."

[photo borrowed from web-log.nl]


  1. Ay, favorite yan ng mga drivers ng mga cabs na sinasakyan ko.

    sometimes the answers to their problems are so clear to me that it makes me wonder if his callers have any common sense at all. it makes me wonder if they are just plain lonely and need someone to talk to.

  2. I find those talk shows to be very interesting and I assume that they appeal to the general public simply because they make our own lives seem simple and in order in comparison to those messed up lives that tend to call those programs.

  3. ako sir nick! whenever i encounter emotionally tiring probelms all i do is...

    1. grab Phph 70+ from my wallet
    2. go to 711
    3. get a bottle of brandy
    4. buy a pack of cigarettes
    5. go back home
    6. drink while watching a funny show
    7. laugh alone
    8. go downstairs again
    9. buy chickenjoy with extra gravy!
    10. go back home
    11. continue drinking with chickenjoy as "pulutan"
    12. become unconscious

    when i wake up the next morning...i feel a bit better. 12 easy steps to forget my problems! oh yes!!!!

  4. Hello cherry! You got something there. Maybe they are just confused and lonely after all.

    Hello Sir! Another interesting take. Perhaps that's what makes it "enjoyable" to listen to.

  5. Ah yes Chu. I think that's the three-point problem solver method. Cigarette - brandy - chickenjoy combo. With a bit of TV on the side. Galeng!

  6. Anonymous8:37 am

    Uy techguy! Nasa linux mailing list ka ba? Familiar pen name mo kasi ... Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. Link kita ha!

    Ayos tumambay dito ... inuman. :-)

    dati linux ang gamit ko, kaso yong bang software ko telecom e microsoft based, matindi ang impluwensiya ni pareng bill gates...hehehe...taga St Louis ka pala ...taga pldt ako dati, matagal din akong nadistino sa La Trinidad, matagal ka ng naka link sa sa akin thru Blogkadahan sige dadaan-daan na lang ako sa blog mo..happy weekend


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