14 May 2005

Annual check-up

This is one of the very few times in a year that I see blood. It's our annual medical check-up, and the blood test is the squirmiest part. As I sat there, my stomach did flip-flops, and I couldn't help it but thump my left foot as I looked away. Then "click!" went the needle and after a while I moved on to the next test, a swab of cotton pressed onto the tip of my left ring finger.

(Obviously, the guy in the photo is not me; he seems to be enjoying the blood test)

I'm so not looking forward to this next year.


  1. Hi Watson. Good luck with the results. Ako, I've overcome na my fear of blood and needles after two deliveries ba naman. How did it go?

  2. hi brother nick...need help naman on my blog. how do u do wen you can put pictures on the left, middle or right portions. mine kc, i blog the pics from flickr and it will always be placed on the right portion but there's a caption below that it originated it from flickr which i dont like..i want to delete the caption. also, when i do naman from blogger, the pictures are always on the left side and my write-ups always start at the bottom of the pictures which i want sana beside right away of the pictures. teach me naman kasi im so addict with this na...thanks!

  3. Anonymous1:59 pm

    parang mas marami akong kilalang mga lalaki na takot sa dugo-related hospital/clinical procedures kaysa mga babae ... agree ako kay ajay, siguro dahil sa childbirth nga. hmmm.

  4. I used to hate needles but there was a time that I had to test my own using those strips. I'm squemish but I got rid of it. Kagat lang daw ng langgam yon di ba?

  5. Hey Nick,
    How can you aspire to be a Jedi if you're scared of a little blood? Hehehe.

    BTW, you're not squeamish with slimy, slithery frogs but you're afraid of blood? o_0

  6. Hello Ajay! It was faster this year than the last one. Yup, add needles to my list too. Aargh.

    Hello Ric! Thank you, thank you! For being one of the male commenters here. The ladies are having a field day with me and the thing with blood :-)

    Hi Princess Em! Sige I'll visit your blog again one of these days. I'm currently out in the field on assignment.

    Hello Bambit! Kumusta po? Yes, it must be that.

    Hello ting aling! Well, parang kagat nga lang daw ng needle, pero the thought of having the injection is the icky part...

    Hello Cherry! Buti nalang when the lightsaber cuts into flesh, may clotting agad due to the laser thing. Kaya no blood! Yipee!

  7. teehee, you're not alone. I do hate hospitals,I think Id rather be sick than be cured inside ghastly white walls :(

  8. hi watson.. yer lucky they only extracted blood from your finger. they took some from my arm too.. dun sa may inner elbow.. ang laki tuloy ng pasa ko. parang libag sa likod ng elbow. i got scared of how large the needle was and the nurse did it while she was talking to someone!! parang.. teka lang nurse.. may dugong lumalabas sa braso ko!!!

  9. you just got a prick in the finger? well sa annual med check up namin they took samples of our blood from our arms. but i'm not scared. i'm pretty tough when it comes to blood! :)

  10. Vixen! Is dat yu in the photo? :-).

    Dessagirl! Arrgh. I don't like your story. ehehehe

    Hello Amie! Buti ka pa! I mean, di takot sa dugo, hindi yung kasi nakunan ka ng maraming dugo :-)

    Talaga Alan? Check-up ba yan o dissection? mwehehehe

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Hmmm... Blood... I went through a vampire / goth phase... Okay, so now I'm in my php / cms and skill toy phase... But blood... brings back vampiric memories... For the blood is the f****ng life, we used to say... Hey, I still wear black every day. ^_^ Ako magblo-blood test sa iyo sa susunod, ha pare.... Bwahahaha.... *igor licks his chops* >:[

  13. i hate needles!!! and if you guys have the same option there as we do here, ask for those butterfliy baby needles = they are much better than the regular needle. And tell them not to probe. better they poke you so many times than for them to probe for your veins - that hurts. And ask for a sexy nurse hehehehhe


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