28 May 2005

Shop 'til you drop ... not!

What do you do when you're in the office, it's raining cats and dogs, and there's a midnight sale in Glorietta?

Well, I was planning to bloghop while sitting out the rain but my colleagues had other plans. So off we hitchhiked to Glorietta. The girls (Gen and Dessa) went off to do their shopping, while Francis and I went in the other direction. Not that I had planned any shopping last night. In fact I did not have sufficient funds to constitute substantial purchases, sale or no sale.

Sarah joined us after a couple of hours. We had a late dinner, then continued looking for good items on sale. I was eventually able to purchase three DVDs (Star Wars Episode 1, Coyote Ugly, and I, Robot) for 950 pesos total, while Francis bought clothing from Mossimo and shoes from Mendrez.

Purefoods toysI also bought this ice cream cup (which tasted like ice candy) with the Star Wars promotional item inside. I got a nice Obi Wan pencil topper. (By the way, if you're buying Purefoods hotdogs for the Star Wars toys, think twice. I felt ripped-off. The lightsabers use balloons for the blade which starts deflating the moment you blow air in, and the artoo water bomb's two halves are not proportionately made. See photo at left).

When we made our final stop at the shoe shop, that was when I remembered why I did not like going to mall sales. I'm not really fond of the hustle and bustle and the long walks to the different shops. We walked for around 5 hours (I felt like I did my exercise that could last me the whole week!) and I was rearing to go home after we completed our purchase. I'm the kind that shops when necessary, browse at what's available (sometimes just scanning the racks and shelves will do then I move on), and when I find something I like, I buy it.
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