20 May 2005

Star Wars Tales (don't worry, no Ep III spoilers!)

Star Wars, for me, is a continuing passion, not just the times when there is

one showing at the movies. Episode III is both happy and sad news, in that the series is finally complete, but ultimately there will no longer be a subsequent release.

I have read and watched many things about Star Wars, mostly off the Internet. I would like to share some of these which I remember to you. George Lucas coined the term "used technology". While other science fiction movies make their structures, weapons and ships look brand spanking new like they have just come off the assembly line, George Lucas made the Star Wars environment look like they've been there for the longest time. Signs of wear and tear in the ships and the helmets, partially-rusted weapons, gadgets bearing scars of prolonged use.

Though usually included in the "Science Fiction" genre, Star Wars actually sits more comfortably with Science Fantasy due to its heavy involvement with a mystic power called the Force.

The Star Wars saga is three trilogies long. But Episode 7, 8, and 9 will no longer be seen by public eyes as Mr. Lucas will spend most of his time with his family after Episode III is done.

However, expect some work still to be done with Episodes 4, 5 and 6 as George Lucas takes advantage of current technology to shape these movies to his vision. He has re-worked some sections and released the Special Edition to movies before Episode 1 was shown, but he still plans additional work on them.

When he was a fledgeling director, he decide to go with Episode 4 because he thought it was the most lucrative part business-wise, and the plot was quite straightforward.

In a story off the Net, Han Solo was in military service under the Empire (in Episode 4, we learn that aspiring youths sign up with the Empire for military service, but Luke was requested by Uncle Owen to help in the harvest for another season when his friends have left). The wookies were eventually enslaved during his time. He saw Chewbacca being tortured mercilessly. Han Solo took pity on the wookie and rescued him, but he killed a soldier in the process. He then took flight with Chewbacca, who then had a life debt with Han Solo. They later on became smugglers.

We first got to know Yoda in Empire Strikes Back as he stayed in Dagobah. Story has it that Yoda flew off to Dagobah, but he was detected by a Sith Lord and they fought in that planet. The Sith Lord was killed, but his dark aura remained in the planet. Yoda stayed in the planet, the dark aura neutralizing any detectable trace of the Force Yoda was emanating. There's no explanation for General Kenobi though, as he stayed in Tatooine undetected by the enemy.

After Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi), it is said that Han Solo and Leia will have three kids. Two are twins (Jacen and Jaina), and will ultimately become powerful Jedis themselves. Luke moves on to establish the Jedi Academy.

[image borrowed from Imperial City Online]
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