14 July 2005

Adobe, Pets, and Pinoy Inventors

I  attended the Adobe CS2 Lanuch at Greenbelt 1 with colleagues today. I am an Adobe fan myself, and am using their products (especially Photoshop) where photo editing is needed. The Macs they used is especially cool, with zooming function, fast processing, and very nice interface.

I think I even saw friend Ginno in this event, but he was really concentrating on what was transpiring on stage so I did not bother to call him.

At lunch break, we visited the "Philippine Ecological Expo 2005" opposite OnStage. This event houses pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish - lots of Flower Horns!), but more importantly, the other side of the function hall is dedicated to Filipino inventors. There's a booth that showcased an anti-theft device which will render a vehicle immobile after 30 seconds of illegal operation, there's also a fuel-saving device that's proudly Filipino made, a cure for many ailments using light, the inventor of gugo shampoo is also there, and more. Ah, there's even this device which will enable you to cut on your electric bill!

The Expo will run til Saturday, so if you are a pet person, and/or you'd like to check out Filipino inventions, this event is for you!
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