28 July 2005

Salamat, salamat musika ...

I would just like to share part of an e-mail exchange with one of our business partners in Singapore.

Here it is ...

Thank you so much Nick!

Hope all is well.

[deleted business matters here]

By the way, I finally got to meet Lea Salonga in April when she was here for a one-night concert. As for Martin Nievera, his concert is on this weekend. Some Filippino fan I am eh? As for you in Manila, the upcoming SEA Games must have created a wonderful scene in the city eh?



And here's my reply:

Hello Alan,

I am green with envy. Because I haven’t seen Lea Salonga perform live! I attended a Miss Saigon play here in Manila years back, but it was not she who performed at that time. I see you are also familiar with Martin Nievera. Energetic guy he is, and a popular concert performer. You just made me smile and I will definitely blog about this!

[deleted business matters]


He took the photos included in this post (with permission to use, of course). This e-mail definitely made me smile. Filipino talents being appreciated outside our country. Music is truly a universal language.


  1. I love both martin and lea... i have watched a couple of her concerts, sobrang galing ang brother & sister tandem nila ni gerald...they make beautiful music together... :)

    I watched miss saigon 3x, and everytime I cry...I am such a cry baby...hahahahahaha

  2. Still struck with the irony that it took foreigners to recognize her talent and how her skills as a singer are appreciated abroad. oh well.

  3. Hello Follen. Yep, they're Filipino music greats.

    Cherry, eto pa. In our recent correspondences, he said he also likes watching Filipnio movies. Hindi yung mga sexy flicks ha. I'm planning to have the Tanging Yaman DVD sent to him when both our organizations hold an activity here in the Philippines next month. Hopefully there's English subtitle.

  4. Ang ikinalulungkot ko was, Lea did not marry a Filipino. Sayang talaga. Wala bang Filipino worth becoming a hubby to her? (no pun intended)

  5. hindi ko pa napapanood si lea pero napanood ko na si martin kasi performer siya sa isang sosyal na bingo event sa ayala alabang at nakapasok lang ako kasi libre!!!! oh yes!!! jologs banner up in ayala alabang! THE BEST!!!!

  6. lea is full of talentsssssessses! super galing niya kaya siguro other people find her mayabang. i saw saigon 3x here in manila (all for free!) but only 1 was with lea on it. she's really good!


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