14 July 2005

Adobe, Pets, and Pinoy Inventors

I  attended the Adobe CS2 Lanuch at Greenbelt 1 with colleagues today. I am an Adobe fan myself, and am using their products (especially Photoshop) where photo editing is needed. The Macs they used is especially cool, with zooming function, fast processing, and very nice interface.

I think I even saw friend Ginno in this event, but he was really concentrating on what was transpiring on stage so I did not bother to call him.

At lunch break, we visited the "Philippine Ecological Expo 2005" opposite OnStage. This event houses pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish - lots of Flower Horns!), but more importantly, the other side of the function hall is dedicated to Filipino inventors. There's a booth that showcased an anti-theft device which will render a vehicle immobile after 30 seconds of illegal operation, there's also a fuel-saving device that's proudly Filipino made, a cure for many ailments using light, the inventor of gugo shampoo is also there, and more. Ah, there's even this device which will enable you to cut on your electric bill!

The Expo will run til Saturday, so if you are a pet person, and/or you'd like to check out Filipino inventions, this event is for you!


  1. hmm.... I'm interested in the power-saving thingy. I was watching some infomercials and I was tempted to place an order for the power star which can supposedly cut your electric bill by half.

  2. watson, i interviewd this fresh grad once. i think he was an ECE. his thesis was about a remote that allows you to turn-off ur car when it gets stolen. and then they cant switch it on anymore. la lang. naalala ko lang

  3. yup thats me! judging from your photo, it seems that you just a few rows in front of me... hoy hirap tumawa habang ng iisa ha.

    anyway about the burglar alarm you mentioned, i believe i have made a similar project back in high school, this what it does when you turn it on. if you car get jacked your engine will yung for 5 sec and then stops, then if the jacker starts engine again its gonna run for 3 sec and stops. if started again the engine will start to get jerky for 7 sec and stops permanetly. even if tries to restart it again... by this time you will probebly a few meter away from its original location.

  4. the place where you visited the expo is AIM Conference Center.... for who are wondering where the place is... one more thing... did you get the speakers e-mail add? i believe her name is Marriane Young.

  5. interesting. How's the baby? Hindi ka ba nale-late dahil nakakalimutan mo oras sa pakikipaglaro sa kanya? Ganyuan nangyari sakin tuwing may baby sa bahay e.

  6. Hello Cherry! Me too, I'm tempted! But it costs 2,500, or so. I can't buy it on the fly so I got their contact info just in case.

    Hi Dessagirl. That's a Filipino inventor in the making.

    Hello G! I had this feeling it was you, but you looked different somehow, so I was not sure if it was you or not. Yep, we were very near you, but you were so serious with the sessions that I did not bother breaking your concentration.

    Tito Rolly! Nasa Baguio sila, kaya lang late pa rin ako papunta ng opis kasi mag-isa ko na lang sa bahay, walang taga-gising. Tapos ako pa mag-aayos ng gamit ko, manonood pa ng tv ... hehehe.

  7. ako may balak ako imbentuhin. candy siya na rice ang falvor tapos merong something sa loob na lasang ulam! pwedeng bbq flavor yung inside o kaya kare-kare. para pagnagutom ka, yun lang ang bibilin mong candy tapos busog ka na!

  8. Anonymous12:49 am

    hi! im a student from uplb and we're organizing an exhibit that would showcase filipino inventors for our consumer ed subject and i'm just wondering if u have a list of the inventors who participated in the expo? it would really help if they're contact numbers are included..thanks!


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