27 July 2005

That's a wrap!

We had a photoshoot in the office a couple of Fridays ago. The resulting digital stock was to be used in marketing and corporate collaterals. The photographers set-up one of our bigger spaces into a "studio", where our management team got their individual and group photos taken. Four flashbulbs situated on 4 corners would simultaneously go off, while the "subject" gets comfy in the center of this square.

Prior to the actual shoot, they needed some stand-ins for the preliminary testing. So they called me and their two companions to the center. Then *pop!* went the flash. You see white, and then it's ok. Surprisingly, you don't get blinded by all those flashes. Amazing. In fact, it gets fun the longer you stay at the center.

Yes, I admit it. I was momentarily attracted to the flashing lights, of getting my face posted in billboards all over the Metropolis, of seeing my face on Magazines, and eventually, on TV! Should I perfect the Derek Zoolander look with Jo-Lo?

"Ok na. Tapos na preliminary testing. Sige, papasukin mo na yung Board of Directors." (ok, perliminary testing is done. Call in your Board of Directors)

Earth to Nick. Reality check. Back to work. (Hmmm... reminds me of Mickey Mouse's The Sorcerer's Apprentice).

Actually, they asked me do a couple of shots, and it was really fun! Now I know how it feels like to be in the limelight. Sort of.


  1. hahahahahaha...meron din akong ficture noh...kaso mas cute yung sainyo kasi mega white lang ang background... :)

  2. wala bang swimsuit edition????nyehehhe

  3. pwede nang pang pin-up! hehehe!

  4. waaa nde ko makita ung pic..nablock na naman ng *()#&$)@&*#(*) isp dito. may iba ka pang url nyan?

  5. ayos hamfogee moh... kala ko si Noel Trinidad (Champoy duo 80s sitcom, the classy shorter one)....

  6. nope its brother eddie villanueva.... no its dominic balllestos!!! yeeeyyyy!!!

  7. Ummm.... Rnoldz and Tanggers, mukhang ibang photo-shoot ang hinahanap nyo. Mwehehehe!

    Fisherpau, ok rin naman photo mo ah. Pang portrait sa family gallery :-)

    Uy talaga Owen? Salamat ha!!!

    Silentmode, ikaw ba yang nasa photo mo?! Wala na akong ibang url eh, pero I assure you, wala kang nami-miss. Photo ko lang, hindi FHM pose bwehehehehe

    Ummm... G... hyper ka na naman yata ... hehehe

  8. pogi ah. Magkano binayad mo sa photographer para kunan ka ng litrato? hahaha

  9. Actually, if someone called me away from my desk to do a "photo shoot", I would worry that they were playing a practical joke on me at my desk while I was away. Taped phone, disabled keyboard or mouse, upside down furniture, etc. Also, in the age of digital photo editing software, having your picture floating around the office is sure to get it manipulated and posted on a giant poster down on the bulletin board. Nice picture by the way.

  10. Anonymous11:27 am

    sisikat ka na sa hollywood!!!! lolz! :D

  11. Photoshoots are fun! Nung college grad pic sobrang enjoy ako :D

  12. alive, alive, fionski is alive! hey! fionski is alive! ­ ho! fionski is alive! ­ hey!

  13. Tito Rolly, face value lang po. mwehehehe

    Oh I know what you mean, Mr. Abbey. There's this photo of a chubby chinese boy whose photo was edited in so many ways and posted in the net with the heading "Reasons why you should not post your photo in the Net" :-)

    Yes, DarkBlack, fame and fortune!

    Come to think of it, eClair, I did not attend our college grad pic :-(

    Hello Ate Fionskiiiiii!

  14. Wow! si bruce walis... este bruce willis of philippines...hehehe

  15. rnoldz,
    as per nick, fhm is for hobbits magazine daw.

    bakit ang liit mo sa pic?
    di ka pwede mag professional model. kaya mo ba pag sinabihan ka na ng "hubad na?" hehe

  16. "Reasons why you should not post your photo in the Net" - alam ko yan! *laugh* Tawa ako ng tawa! Grabe yan...

    Ikaw na yung next edition? ;) Heheheheh. Joke lang!

    Awwww... You didn't get your grad pic taken? Oh well. Ok naman photoshoot mo ngayon eh *laugh* Bumawi ka na rin naman ngayon eh ;P

    How's the wifey? :) Please send my regards to her.

  17. Ok... Princess Em, Cherry, and Clair ... nakakahalata na ako ha. Pinag-tritripan nyo na ako. hehehe!

    Sure Clair. I'll send her your regards.

  18. Anonymous12:38 am

    sarap humirit e ;)

    I hope Tina's doing perfectly well :D

  19. air nick! pa-enlarge natin yan sa lifesize tapos pagaalis ka ng office, ilagay natin yan sa cubicle mo para kunyari nandun ka pa! bwahahahahahaha!

  20. Anonymous6:53 am

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