20 July 2005

Tape Measure please

I arrived at the office a couple of Mondays at the office feeling and looking hagard. I just arrived from Baguio then so I was quite tired, and I haven't shaved for a couple of days.

"Uy, pumayat ka ah!" (hey, you look thinner!), said some of my colleagues.

"Really?", I said. "That's impossible."

I knew it was impossible because I haven't noticed any change in my dietary habits. But they said I looked thin, so that's fine with me. In fact, I would definitely like to lose weight for a change.

My waistline back in college was 29. When I moved to Manila, it became 30, then in 2000, it was already 32. 33 was the widest waistline I had before, during the time when I was playing tennis and going to the gym. Yep, trying to make myself fit had odd consequences.

So last weekend after we had our 1 month celebration for Jo-Lo, I asked my wife to check my waistline if indeed I was getting slimmer.

I am now 34. So it's true what they say, huh? When you get married, you gain weight?


  1. ako hindi ko alam kung ano waistline ko sit nick. natatakot ako tignan. pero madalas kasi mga pantalon ko nasa size 38! hip hop mania to the max! wasup homie!?!

  2. aba sisihin pa ang kanyang civil status sa kanyang weight gain. :)

    nick, wag na magattempt mag hiphop. please

  3. waaahhhh. Cherry naman. But it's true daw. Actually may article pa yun sa Reader's Digest. It's about the meals cooked at home. Hindi tungkol sa calories, kundi about how they tend to eat more when having dinner.

    rnoldz, quiet ka lang dyan! :-)

  4. Basta hiyang you gain weight. I've gained so much weight since I got together with my husband, kahit magboyfriend pa kami noon. Mataba nga, masaya naman... ok na yun! :P

  5. aren't big tummy's of men because of excessive beer drinking? ;)

  6. Hi Toni! Actually pati wife ko, tumataba na rin. :-) Pero ok lang.

    Hello Amie! Maybe .... :-)

  7. ok lang kung tumaba ang wife mo...dala kasi yun ng childbirth...in my case nasa 180 lbs pa rin ako... walang nagbago... yup im that heavy but i never go beyond that number, lose weight pa nga pag Ramadhan. isa pang bagay para mamayat ka besides beer and cola is puyat, iwasan mag puyat masama sa atay yan... take my word for it bespren.

  8. Pre watson, you have to go here in Sg to shop if you reach 36". Alam mo kung bakit? Most of the pants that are on sale here are for 36" and more waistlines, hehehe
    I also gained weight since I got married

  9. hehehehe...ako secret lang ang tummy size ko...hahahaha...

    When I was in college, it was 30...so sana di parin nagbabago...hehehehe...but low-waist kasi ang japorms ko so usually 32-low cut ang binibili ko :)

  10. G, siguro nga kaya di ko sure kung ikaw nga yun sa Adobe seminar kasi ... mas cute ka noon. hehehe. Bespren!

    Alam mo pre Tanggers, kahit dito, mas marami ang large sizes sa sale. Parang nang-aasar sila ano?

    Hello Follen! I think na-maintain mo naman weight mo eh. Teka asan ka na? Nasa pantry ka ba? :-)

  11. Anonymous5:01 pm

    bat ako hindi naman nainom pero malaki tummy? pero malakas ako sa tubig :D

  12. Simple lang yan. You say:

    "This is not a beer belly. It's a gas tank for my love machine..."

  13. "Yep, trying to make myself fit had odd consequences."

    'Tell you what. Why not keep a food diary so you can take note of what types of food you take in? You can use this online food diary if you want.

    Exercise is still the best way to keep fit. The best dieting formula is exercise, eating the right food items with the right serving sizes at the right time, and avoiding smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

    Of course, if your wife cooks delicious food all the time, you might really have a bigger problem resisting the temptation. ;)

  14. ehehe! funny when i see guys complain bout their waistline.. ako siguro 10 years nakong hindi nagmemeasure ng waist ko. kasi baka himatayin ako sa sobrang laki

    amie is right about men having big tummies coz of beer. doc emer made me feel guilty when he said exercise was teh best way to lose those extra lbs. daym!!!!

  15. DarkBlak, baka naman yung tubig mo e, chaser! :-)

    Ayos, jgotangco, so the bigger the gas tank, the better? :D

    Doc, salamat sa payo. When I have the funds, I'll be buying new shoes and I plan to walk/jog around Salcedo Park after office for starters.

    Dessagirl, slim ka naman ah!

  16. nako dessagirl, doc emer knows wats best... ano gym ba ulit tayo frankie???



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