12 July 2005

What my weekend was

If I were awarded with a model employee citation last Saturday, it would have been the shortest recognition ever because it would have been revoked by Monday because I was absent :-).

Last Saturday, our management called for volunteers to help in the inventory work at our warehouse in Cavite. I did not confirm my participation, but I arrived at 7:30AM in the office to help out. And off we went to Cavite. We started work at around 9 I think. We were able to finish at 11:30PM. We were exhausted but at the same time feeling good that we were able to help out.

The following day (Sunday), I woke up at around 10 in the morning. I watched TV for a couple of hours, then my neighborhood barkada Roger invited me over to their place for lunch. I got invited eventually to a drinking session outside the house, where they were cooking bopis (chopped meat with spices). They would get some from the huge pan, put it on a plate, taste it, then dump vinegar or soy sauce or salt on it. And everytime somebody else would taste it, he'd likewise dump something onto the dish. I asked how come they can't agree on how it tasted, so they asked me to see how it was. It was really good, actually.

Later in the night, I did my laundry. Come Monday morning, I awoke at 8:30AM. I still felt rather tired and so I texted the office to advice that I will be half day. And off to sleep I did. When I woke up again, at was already 1:00PM! I hurriedly took a bath and searched around for my ID, wallet, socks (I am rather notorious at misplacing things). When I glanced at the clock, it was already 2:00. When I get to the office, it would already be too late! So I texted office to inform them that I will take the day off.

Then I went instead to Divisoria to look for tokens to be used for Jo-Lo's baptism. There were lots of nice things there, and cost around 20-35 Pesos each. I strolled around and even got a couple of 5R photo frames costing 40 pesos each (it would easily cost 3 times as much in the mall). I went home at around 7PM.

And here I am, back in the office on a busy Tuesday, wondering what other adventures await me next weekend.

Photo of the photo frame (am I repeating myself?) which I bought from Divisoria, as requested by Dessagirl.


  1. watson! super thanks again for the help last saturday. can i see the frames you got for jo-lo?

  2. watson dear! ang super bait mo talaga... kung nandyan pa ako sa trends, I'm sure di ako nagvolunteer )salbahe ko talaga...hehehe...kasi po may asthma ako at hindi lang monday absent ko nun...buong linggo na.

  3. Hi Dessagirl! Your group also helps us in activities so it was our pleasure to help out! And there's food naman e! :-)

    Hi Princess Em. Pareho kayo ni Chu. kaya di sya nakasama.

  4. aha....divisoria...buti nalang po you didn't get lost there...

    teka...ako nalang ata ang walang blog about the inventory...sige mega upload ko tom ang mga ficturesssss.....

  5. wow .. what a day, buti ka pa nakakapagvolunteer, i always like to do such but i havent got any time... wuhuhu

  6. Anonymous10:41 am

    uy san sa Cavite yun?

  7. Nick!
    Bakit panay display mo ng arms na walang muscle definition? Sana nag-shave ka bago ka nag-sleeveless!
    mwehehehe (forgive me. it's the medication talking)

  8. cherry: may konting muscles na sha, in fairness. ehehehehe!

  9. Hello Airwind! Ako nga rin, may volunteer teaching dati kaya lang di ko na naharap sa dami ng work...

    DarkBlak, sa Barrio Niog II.

    Cherry, nabuhay ka! Haaay, kung alam mo lang, sobrang init sa warehouse! Buti na lang nagdala ako ng sando.

    Ay, tenk yu Dessagirl!

  10. dessa,
    kawawa ka naman. aapihin ka ni nick sa office pag di mo siya i-defend. heehee. ang alam ko ung muscles ni nick sa fingers sa kakalaro ng playstation and n-gage!

    ay. bigyan na lang kita ng shirt with sleeves para sa benefit ng officemates mo.

  11. wow summarized the few days in one blog huh! sipag ka pala! :)

  12. Cherry, mukhang naka-recover ka na nga sa sakit. Nice to hear from you again! mwehehehe.

    Hi Amie! Di kasi sya yung usual weekend na nakababad lang ako sa TV or PS2 habang naglalaba. This time around, lumabas ako! Yesss!

  13. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Uy bat di mo naman sinabi na punta ka dito sa Cavite sana naipasyal ka namin ni DarkBlak sa SM. Hehehe!

  14. alam mo ba sir nick nanaginip ako na nagka-baby girl daw ako! ang weird nga eh. sa panaginip ko manganganak na daw si tatin tapos sobrang taranta ko, hindi ko na nakuha si anne margarette kaya sinakay ko nalang siya sa parang solar powered na wheelchair tapos paglabas ko ng bahay parang probinsya pa namin sa nueva ecija! hinataw ko daw yung wheelchair ni tatin!(take note, lowered and pimped out yung wheel chair ah! leather seats pa nga yata eh) anyway, eh di yun! tinakbo ko na si tatin sa ospital tapos parang nakita ko pa yata si batman sa kalye na naglalagay ng spare tire sa batmobile niya. kung hindi lang manganganak si tatin tinulungan ko sana siya eh. tapos pagdating namin sa ER eh di super go na yung mga doctor sa pagoperate kay tatin tapos nung nakita ko na yung baby ko sobrang saya ko daw. baby girl siya tapos ang ganda ganda ng mata niya. sa sobrang tuwa ko daw bumili agad ako ng chickenjoy at ng alak tapos naginom nako sa tabi ni tatin! tapos...tapos na

  15. Hi Sasa! Basta may open invitation na ako ha. Yehey!

    Chu, akala ko di mo na tatapusin kwento mo eh. hehehe


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