06 July 2005

Baby Pamahiin

A   couple of days back, We had a discussion with fellow Berks in Blogkadahan about Pamahiin (superstitions - is my translation right?) in having a new baby around. Here are some of these interesting beliefs:

* The child cannot move house or travel long distances if he's not yet baptized
* The umbilical cords of siblings may be tied together and hung by the window so that they will remain clost to one another
* Display the christening gown of the child during the reception after baptism. Place it where guests will see it. The child will become friendly and sociable.
* Don't let the child kiss a doll or a younger kid. The child will take some time before it will learn to talk. Or in the case of kissing a younger kid, this "kissee" will even be able to learn to talk faster than the "kisser".
* When the child is able to eat solid food, let it munch on cooked chicken's behind so it will be able to master the art of speech faster.
* Use a book as the baby's first pillow, so the child will become intelligent.
* On the child's first birthday, gather things around him. Whatever he will like to play with will be his life's passion.
* Also on their first birthday, ask somebody who you would like their traits to be imitated by your child to be the first one to cut his hair. Usually this bit of hair
is also inserteed in a book to make the child intelligent.
* When a child sucks his toes, he's asking for a sibling.
* Cut the child's eyelashes to make it grow long.

It's amusing how our culture has become rich with beliefs in ensuring your child is protected and happy. And I do hope Jo-Lo will be too. Some of the above things will be fun to do.

Thanks to Mec and Ruth for sharing!
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