16 July 2005

Harry and Me

I woke up at 8:30 this morning. Must be quite late for your early risers out there, but it's a Saturday and this is already quite early for me.

It's Harry Potter day! I'll get my copy of Book 6 very soon, and I can't wait to line up at the bookstore when the malls open. And so there I was, ironing my clothes when Dessagirl called, asking if I already got my copy.

"Not yet, but I'll be there when the malls open at 10."
"A friend of mine already has a copy since 7AM. In fact, she bought three copies. Bookstores apparently opened early in anticipation of the book's sale."

Great. So much for being one of the top buyers to get a Harry Potter gift item. Anyways, I can't rush off now since I have my reservation, which I did last March. So at 9:30 I was at National Bookstore, where witches were at the entrance peddling the book. There weren't a lot of people in that branch, so I was able to purchase my copy of the book in no time at all.

Jo-Lo would love hearing about Harry Potter when he's ready for bedtime stories.

By the way, if you reserved a copy at National Bookstore, you get it at P1,299.00 (that's P200.00 off the original price) plus a P100.00 gift certificate for your next book purchase. Thank you, National Bookstore!
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