22 July 2005

Record Highs and Lows

For today's lecture on bar graphs, please refer to the diagram above. This was taken from our Meralco electric bill.

The highest peak was in April, when my wife and I shouted "WHAAAAAAATTTT" when we got our notice. It was summertime and we used the aircon every night. Rnoldz once rented the other room and he had an aircon in his room as well. So our electric bill soared to a record high of 3,700 pesoses!

We got a little cautious about our electric consumption and the following month. There was a slight dip, the cost of which became around 3,200 pesos.

And then my wife moved temporarily to Baguio to give birth to Jo-Lo. Rnoldz likewise moved to another apartment. So I decided to sleep in the living room downstairs instead. It's such a waste turning on airconditioning when I'm the only one who'll use it.

So for my electric bill last June? It's less than 500 pesoses! WOW. It's that big a difference. But do you notice that the first bar in the graph is also very high? That's a reading from last year, but I do not recall paying a bill that's over 3,000 pesos. Yes, that's how big the increase in rates have become.

So the moral of the story is: being a couch potato can save on electricity bills!
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