28 July 2005

Salamat, salamat musika ...

I would just like to share part of an e-mail exchange with one of our business partners in Singapore.

Here it is ...

Thank you so much Nick!

Hope all is well.

[deleted business matters here]

By the way, I finally got to meet Lea Salonga in April when she was here for a one-night concert. As for Martin Nievera, his concert is on this weekend. Some Filippino fan I am eh? As for you in Manila, the upcoming SEA Games must have created a wonderful scene in the city eh?



And here's my reply:

Hello Alan,

I am green with envy. Because I haven’t seen Lea Salonga perform live! I attended a Miss Saigon play here in Manila years back, but it was not she who performed at that time. I see you are also familiar with Martin Nievera. Energetic guy he is, and a popular concert performer. You just made me smile and I will definitely blog about this!

[deleted business matters]


He took the photos included in this post (with permission to use, of course). This e-mail definitely made me smile. Filipino talents being appreciated outside our country. Music is truly a universal language.
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