26 July 2005

Something old, something new for a rainy day

I was in Baguio last weekend to visit Jo-Lo, who has grown much bigger since the week before. The weather was very nice, and in my dinner before I left for Manila, my biyenan (mother-in-law) cooked these. Something new, something old.

Ginataang kamatis (baby tomatoes in coconut milk)

This was my first time to have this, and it tasted great! The sweetness of the coconut milk blended well with the slightly sour taste of the baby tomatoes. Pour the soup onto your rice for a splendid mix. Looks like I found something new that I'd like to have for a rainy day. My wife said their Inay (Mother) cooks this in their province when they were kids, and enjoyed having this on their table.

Pritong galunggong at talong (fried fish and eggplant)
Ah, my favorites. What's the english equivalent of galunggong anyways? I like dipping the fried eggplant on soy sauce. Perfect for the rainy season.

What's your favorite rainy season food?
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