20 July 2005

Tape Measure please

I arrived at the office a couple of Mondays at the office feeling and looking hagard. I just arrived from Baguio then so I was quite tired, and I haven't shaved for a couple of days.

"Uy, pumayat ka ah!" (hey, you look thinner!), said some of my colleagues.

"Really?", I said. "That's impossible."

I knew it was impossible because I haven't noticed any change in my dietary habits. But they said I looked thin, so that's fine with me. In fact, I would definitely like to lose weight for a change.

My waistline back in college was 29. When I moved to Manila, it became 30, then in 2000, it was already 32. 33 was the widest waistline I had before, during the time when I was playing tennis and going to the gym. Yep, trying to make myself fit had odd consequences.

So last weekend after we had our 1 month celebration for Jo-Lo, I asked my wife to check my waistline if indeed I was getting slimmer.

I am now 34. So it's true what they say, huh? When you get married, you gain weight?
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