19 July 2005

The weekend with Potter (no spoilers so go ahead and read!)

I  was scheduled to visit my mag-ina (wife and kid) last weeked, but we had to stop by the giveaways trade fair last Saturday morning, so I was able to leave Manila by 8PM already. I brought the Harry Potter Book 6 with me, and I was able to finish 3 chapters in the bus.

Jo-Lo was his usual self: sleeping at daytime, and fully awake at nighttime. So when he grunts (yes, he grunts) for milk, I'd bottle-feed and burp him while I catch up with my reading. And so I spent my Sunday and Monday morning sleeping. By the way, it was Jo-Lo's 1st month birthday last July 18!

My wife Tina was also looking forward to reading HP6 so I endeavoured to finish the book before I left for Manila. Which I was able to do at 11 last night.

And my comment on the book? It was everything I expected it to be. Colorful writing, the plot has definitely become more interesting, and it was indeed fun to re-visit old characters and learn about new ones. And the Defense Against Dark Arts post? Well ... whoops no spoilers here. And the ending was ... was ... secret :-) *Sigh* It's difficult to write about a story with no spoilers. But I enjoyed reading Book 6 immensely, that much is true.
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