12 July 2005

What my weekend was

If I were awarded with a model employee citation last Saturday, it would have been the shortest recognition ever because it would have been revoked by Monday because I was absent :-).

Last Saturday, our management called for volunteers to help in the inventory work at our warehouse in Cavite. I did not confirm my participation, but I arrived at 7:30AM in the office to help out. And off we went to Cavite. We started work at around 9 I think. We were able to finish at 11:30PM. We were exhausted but at the same time feeling good that we were able to help out.

The following day (Sunday), I woke up at around 10 in the morning. I watched TV for a couple of hours, then my neighborhood barkada Roger invited me over to their place for lunch. I got invited eventually to a drinking session outside the house, where they were cooking bopis (chopped meat with spices). They would get some from the huge pan, put it on a plate, taste it, then dump vinegar or soy sauce or salt on it. And everytime somebody else would taste it, he'd likewise dump something onto the dish. I asked how come they can't agree on how it tasted, so they asked me to see how it was. It was really good, actually.

Later in the night, I did my laundry. Come Monday morning, I awoke at 8:30AM. I still felt rather tired and so I texted the office to advice that I will be half day. And off to sleep I did. When I woke up again, at was already 1:00PM! I hurriedly took a bath and searched around for my ID, wallet, socks (I am rather notorious at misplacing things). When I glanced at the clock, it was already 2:00. When I get to the office, it would already be too late! So I texted office to inform them that I will take the day off.

Then I went instead to Divisoria to look for tokens to be used for Jo-Lo's baptism. There were lots of nice things there, and cost around 20-35 Pesos each. I strolled around and even got a couple of 5R photo frames costing 40 pesos each (it would easily cost 3 times as much in the mall). I went home at around 7PM.

And here I am, back in the office on a busy Tuesday, wondering what other adventures await me next weekend.

Photo of the photo frame (am I repeating myself?) which I bought from Divisoria, as requested by Dessagirl.
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