05 August 2005

Farewell, Mr. Roco

I voted Raul Roco in the last Presidential elections. And I believe he would have made a difference, hawaiian shirt notwithstanding.

Here's an excerpt of the news article from INQ7.net. He was destined for something great even at an early age.

Roco was born on October 26, 1941 in Naga City, Camarines Sur province. He finished elementary at age 10, and high school at 14. At 18, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the San Beda College.

Roco was a delegate to the 1971 constitutional convention and served as the youngest president of the Integrated bar of the Philippines, serving from 1983 to 1985.

He later served as a staffer for martyred senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., during which, he helped draft the Study Now, Pay Later law.

He also dabbled in film making during a break from legal practice in 1974, co-producing "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang [You were measured and found wanting]," a critically acclaimed and multi-awarded movie.

He served as representative of the second district of Camarines Sur from 1987 to 1992 before being elected to the Senate, where he served from 1992 to 2001.

Roco earned the moniker "honorary woman" of the Senate for espousing women's causes. He also authored, among others, the law that reformed the Central Bank.

During the 1998 presidential election, Roco placed third behind House Speaker Jose de Venecia and former president Joseph Estrada.

[above photo borrowed from kababaihan.org, where his accolades and condensed biography can also be found.]
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