01 August 2005

Happy Birthday Igor !

I was out last Sunday. No, not out due to hangover. I went out of the house. Which is a surprise becuse I usually just stay in the house and juggle the ever-important tasks of couch-potato duties with watching TV, doing the laundry, and cleaning up a bit here and there.

What could be so important as to let me ignore my routine and get out into the drizzle and the sun? It's Igor's birthday!

We go a long way, Igor and me. I think you can date the history back to 1998-1999, when we became members of CampV5. I was among the fortunate few who had a chance to work with him as a writer on many occasions. And he's quite patient about it too, what with the many deadlines I failed to catch!

I went to Paranaque (which is unfamiliar territory, by the way. Good thing we were able to hitch a ride going there) with Cherry, Cecil, Bibams and her boyfriend. And at the venue, we met Kenneth and Bebert. Well, what do you know. It's exactly the same group of people who met six months ago! Hmmm... if this keeps up, it might the next time we meet, it will already be on December. At least, we do get to catch up...

Igor is also popularly known as the gorilla so that's what we got him for his birthday. Yep, that's Igor Jr. on the above photo with yours truly. And nope, I wasn't drunk when that photo was taken. :-)

Belated Happy Beerday to you Igor, and may you have many more Beer to come!


  1. di ba ok maging father figure si igor? dala ung anak niya sa inuman!

  2. Pero behaved yung anak nya bwehehehe

  3. now why i get a feeling im missing so much with you guys...babatiin ko na lang sya sa blog nya... hey december is the mochi reunion di ba... i'll try to make this time... with my lille jaime... he he he

  4. parang pinaguusapan ako dito, a. Tnx for coming pareng nick! G, sa december, dalhin mo mochi mo. :D

  5. Oh my goodness! You know Igor?! He was my teacher several times in college! Good grief! This is such a small world...

  6. Nick: Thanks sa link! Ang weird talaga. That Steven Seagal has an album...

  7. Clair, talaga! Ganun na katanda si Igor?! hehehehe. Nakakatawa yung link ano?


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