02 August 2005

Sinigang na corned beef ?!

I was happily munching my take-out lunch when I suddenly had this idea to take a shot of this unique meal I was having.

For those whose curiosity was piqued by the baby tomatoes in coconut milk, here is another: sinigang na corned beef (corned beef in tamarind soup)! But this was not made by my mother-in-law. It's being served by Sentro, a restaurant in Greenbelt. My colleagues have been swearing by how good this is, so when we dropped by Greenbelt, I decided to try it out. But we had to be back at the office so I ordered take-out.

The waiter would let you take a sampled sip of the tamarind soup, and you may want it to be more sour, or spicier. After which they'd cook the sinigang.

It was an odd combination (the corned beef and the tamarind soup), but it works! The sweetness of the beef mingles with the sour taste of the tamarind, and the soft beef pieces go well with the crunchy vegetables. M-mmmmm! As you can see in the photo, I have mixed the corned beef and soup with my rice in my bowl (which is how I like to eat).

An order costs around P300.00 but it's good enough for 2 or 3 people. Hmmm... Sentro must pay me for endorsing this dish ... :-)


  1. I thought it was strange when I first heard of it but according to the food experts here this dish has been around for a long time. it's just not as popular as the other varieties of sinigang since its more expensive. And I was expecting the meat to be in shreds like the usual corned beef but its usually a big chunk of meat.

  2. Yep, I also thought the meat would be shredded, but it's not. I guess it's the beef part that's made into corned beef prior to shredding.

  3. I found it funny when I went to the Philippines and learned that the residents there not only ate corned beef but loved it. Here, these days you can only find corned beef in a can and sometimes in a grocery store they will only have two or three cans which will be coated with a half inch layer of dust. Same thing with spam. Now my wife has me buying a suitcase full of spam and corned beef to take back to relatives when we go to visit the Philippines.

  4. ahhh nick? have you ever heard of sinigang na baka? pareho lang sila...

    nuf said...

  5. Mas masarap daw yung sinigang na bangaw

  6. Mr. Abbey, I don't know why but we are indeed a big fan of corned beef and spam. Must be part of the Western influence. Or not, as it seems that the opposite is true in your part of the world. :-)

    Relatives love having imported canned goods and toiletries for pasalubong.

    Yes tanggers. Try mo to ha!

    uh G, hindi sya pareho. pramis.

    Chu, kulang ka sa tulog ano? bwehehehe

  7. Around a year ago, my cousin was asked to participate in a cooking contest with celebrities sa SIS. Corned beef sinigang was her assigned dish. Strange nga but she said it tasted ok naman. Masubukan nga!

  8. Yay, that's another list of food that I will be trying when I go home next week!!!

    Looks interesting, im sure it will taste even better!

  9. What the hell is that, it doesn't even look appetizing to me.

  10. nahalo ko na sa kanin nung kumuha ako ng photo, jgotangco :-)

  11. I have a recipe ofr sinigang na corned beef from food magazine... i'll send it to you if you promise to bring some for me he he he....

  12. Hi Tanya! It will be an honor to have this post linked at kumain.com.



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