17 August 2005

Chinese Theater

Aside from the Saturday Fun Machine on Saturdays (duh), there is one more weekend show that we kids looked forward to in the 80s. It's the Sunday Chinese Theater on RPN9 on ... you guessed it: Sundays.

No, we didn't know how to speak Chinese then, and we don't know not to speak Chinese now. But the costumes and the people flying in these half-hour episodes of martial arts soap operas were too good to resist.

But in addition to that was this show about Chinese cooking. This lady would cook ingredients foreign to us that we would venture a guess exactly what that thing was she's cooking. Is it a mushroom? An animal part? We didn't know for sure, but we sat mesmerized as she dumped one thing into another on that huge wok of hers.

And so when I turned on the TV set last Sunday and saw this segment running on TV did I have the most wonderful of flashbacks. And in the very familiar layout too! The RPN9 logo at the upper right, the digital clock on the lower left, the huge banner with Chinese characters at the back, and the lady with the huge wok.

I speculated, just like old times, what this Chinese lady on TV was cooking up this time as I laid down on the sofa (I'm a professional couch potato come weekends). I'd swear it's the same lady from the 80s and she hasn't changed one bit! Must be some excellent youth-inducing food she's cooking up. Or was I watching reruns?


  1. i love watching chinese movies and chinese cooking show...lalo na yung wok with yan dati...sobrang sarap nila magluto...

    plus when I was doing my thesis in college, I got glued in watching ARIRANG Channel...(Korean naman po yun) kaya natuwa ko when ABS started airing korean soap operas...

  2. i think she dyed her hair that's why she looks so much younger. i don't think her cooking is exactly healthy by today's standards. all of the stuff seems to be drenched in oil. :)

  3. Too bad they haven't yet invented smell-a-vision. It would make it a lot easier to truly appreciate cooking shows.

  4. Anonymous10:23 am

    uso rin dati sa ch9 yung chinese teleserye na may sub na english.

    malamang yung napanood mo reruns nga, hehehe.

  5. i also used to watch WOK WITH YAN (i'm not sure if the title is correct) during the 80s. sha yung nag hehello ng parang teletubbies. tapos i also watch DANCE FEVER. yuck!

    yung chinese movies sa channel 9 pag sunday, hate ko. sorry, but i never appreciated it. bad trip ako if i had to stay home sunday mornings to watch them guys with weird (pero nice na rin) costumes

  6. Fisherpau and Dessagirl: HERRRROOOO! Yup, I also watched Wok with Yan, because he can get really creative with food decorations!

    Hi Cherry! Yep, her cooking is always swimming in oil, thanks to her large wok.

    Oooh. I wonder if we will live to see that day. I have read articles about this. There was even a study to have this in cinemas!

    DarkBlak, to think about it, RPN9 nga ang nauna sa pag-import ng mga teleserye eh!

  7. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Hahaha this old lady... oo nga 'no. I still see her on TV. Must be reruns!

  8. nope its not reruns.... notice how the old lady has aged? yup wok with yan!!!! and his elder brother... YAN CAN COOK... they influenced me somehow so i got interested into stir fry cooking.... saturday fun machine???? wonder twins power activate!!!!

    do you remember super buggy or is it wonder buggy live action series???

    how about paul in fantasy land???

    cherry di ba ganun talaga sa chinnese cooking... the idea is the oil must be very very hot so when you drenched something in it, food cooks faster and locks all the juices inside also less oil will get through the food...

  9. watson, you watch rpn 9? i'm shocked!

    (ang layo ba ng commnet ko sa topic? hehe)

  10. Hi Toni! Wala lang. Nakakatuwang mag-reminisce.

    Pareho nga tayo ng generation, G. Toto ba yang tungkol sa chinese fried things, G? Baka naman stir yan? :-)

    Kung minsan, kapag nagsasawa akong manood sa big channels, 9 or 5 ang bagsak ko. Kung minsan parti Knowledge channel. O kaya lakbay TV

  11. Anonymous5:23 am

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