31 August 2005

Spam spam go away

I know the word verification thing sucks. I myself find it inconvenient to try and decipher the letters so I can respond to comments. But it was really annoying to sift through the spam in a previous post to get to the legit ones.

So here's the deal. Teach me how to delete the spam so I can remove the word verification process. Before, all the comments had this nifty trash box immediately below it so I can zap nasty comments into oblivion. But I do not seem to see this recently. What gives?

Help please! Thanks!


  1. Are you logged in when you visit the comments section? When I am logged in, I still get the trash cans.

    Personally, I would still leave on the word verification because until you log in and delete them, everyone still has to sort through them that is reading your blog. It stinks but it is a small price to pay.

  2. Anonymous2:55 pm

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  3. Anonymous3:23 pm

    para sa akin ok na yang ganyan kesa paulit ulit kang ma spam :)

  4. Hello Mr. Abbey. Ok, I will look into that.

    Abaniko! Gawin bang mukhang spam yung comment mo? hehehe

    Thanks Darkblak! at least nalalaman ko if it's ok or not yung word verification. So far, 2 ang ok.

  5. buti naman nick at di mo kaagad binura. hahahaha..

    musta na baby mo?

  6. Ayos naman Abaniko. Galing sya sa parents ko for 2 days. Nakabalik na kina Wifey. Behaved naman daw, di na masyado nagpapakarga :-)

  7. yap the trash can is still there. hope you're able to fix it.

  8. spam? masarap yun pag dipped into lightly beaten eggs before frying tapos may kasamang garlic fried rice.... yum... yum....

  9. ill follow up on the posts here, baka may mapulot na aral dito.

    spam, spam - hate em!

  10. Hi Amie! Mr. Abbey was right. You have to be logged in to see the trash can. *whew*

    Ummm... G ... you should know. Na-spam ka rin eh. hehehe

    Hello Owen! Ok lang ba sa yo na merong word verification?

  11. Ok rin lang sa akin pare. cjlnly
    ay mali, sa ibang box pala yun. :D At least sa iyo sa comments madaling ma-delete, sa akin sa tagboard ang spam. :(

  12. G,

    ano yan? parang tikoy?


    napeke ako sa post mo.


    maglinis ng bahay. dami mga pesteng spam

  13. I require users to be bloggers. At least if they start becoming nasty, you can report them to Blogger and boom they're gone.

    No verification required pag ganoon

  14. cherry ganun na nga.... ganun talaga kaming mga mahihirap pag nakaka kain ng mamahaling luncheon meat... we ussually have it for breakfast... just before surfing the internet he he he he....


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