13 August 2005

Thank goodness for weekends!

Yes, I am looking forward to a restful weekend as my office computer hasn't exactly been very cooperative lately.

Yesterday, I e-mailed our Sales group and they received this single e-mail 12 times! Our Network Admin looked into the problem and he discovered that my e-mail client has reached twice the amount of e-mails it can handle. 2GB in all. So he re-configured my inbox and it looks ok so far. I just hope this problem didn't extend to customers I have been corresponding with.

And then, I was writing a rather lengthy document on MS Word when wham!. This error message popped before my unbelieving eyes.

It definitely is catastrophic. Wait a minute ... if I click on the OK button, does it mean that this catastrophe is ok with me? How come there isn't a NOT OK button?

Why is it that when you are doing something important, that's the time when things don't cooperate with you? Murphy's Law?

PS for some reason, I cannot make comments on my shoutbox. So I will just put my latest entries here:
Teacher Sol, visit ka lang when you have the time. No pressures, no worries :-)
Abaniko, ok rin blog mo so I linked you up as well.
Doc Emer, we're good. Thanks for visiting!


  1. di ko po alam kong tatawa ako o mababanas kapag nangyayari yan.. pero itatawa ko an lang malamang.... wehehe

  2. ey Ric! Good to hear from you! And you got your old photo back!

    Airwind, ganun na nga. Or you may also call the Network Admin and have a coffee break. hehehe

  3. How about clicking on the "X" button?

    Hi there! Sorry, but you left me salivating with your okoy and dinikdik-na-siling-labuyo-and-suka dip! I hope you don't mind me lurking around. ;)

  4. what the... ngayon lang ako nakakita ng error message na ganyan. "Catastrophic failure?" Is this a Microsoft quirk?

  5. Hello Bokbok! I wouldn't mind you visiting at all. I regularly see your posts in Ting's, may mind retention yung photo na ginagamit mo :-)

    Hi Cherry. Actually first time ko rin nakita kaya sabi ko, 'Uh oh, mukhang grabe na ito. Ma-i-blog nga.' :-)

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Yikes! Akala ko joke or virus!

  7. I think if I received a catastrophic failure warning on my computer, I would be thinking that I had ten seconds before it self destructed in a violent explosion of hardrives and RAM. Them folks of Bill Gates sure have warped senses of humor.

  8. Anonymous10:40 am

    nangyari na rin sa akin yan dati, nalimutan ko lang kung anong ginawa ko, hehehe. tungkol sa shoutbox mo try using FireFox, ganyan din problema ko sa shoutbox ko eh... magpapalit na nga ako eh :)

  9. pangtaranta lang ni bill gates yan... who the heck would think that a "catastropic failure" is ok...what? is hitting the ok button will blow the whole city block...

  10. what a coincidence! my PCs (both home and office) are acting strangely (really crazy like they have minds of their own)...or perhaps it's the user after all. i've yet to figure that out.

  11. ang weird naman nyan nasa pc mo sir nick....

    hmmm...although when my old g3 shell-clamp mac had a "SAD MAC" na sad narin ako....dahil sobrang mahal pagawa nun eh, at it took me a year to convince my parents i needed one...hehehe...kaya na sad talga ako nung nasira sha. pramis.

  12. G,
    di na makacomment sa blog mo. :)

    you can trade in your clamshell mac to the 2 major mac distributors in Metro Manila. you can use it as part of your payment for a new mac.

    try to see if you can boot from the CD first. you might be able to save it.

  13. hi cherry...

    talaga, i didnt know you can do that! sino tong mga distributors na to? i still have it (clampshell)... nice kasi yun coz its like a bag.. but I am saving for a new ibook... konting bola nalang sa mommy ko, baka sa christmas mag give in na...hehehehehehe...

  14. follen,

    try senco link in makati (bought my ibook from them) or ynzal in QC. they're the ones who offer trade in so far. worst case, you can try to sell it in buy and sell.

    try to have senco recover your files. it might cost you though.


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