30 August 2005

More than just dinnerware

The Landmark in Makati should pay me for advertising their shop but it's freebie for now :-)

My introduction to chinaware began when my mother gave me a small, old, chinked bowl that with Japanese art in it. She said that it came from the Japanese occupation era. I was intrigued, and learned - as so many historians already do - that these simple ceramic things actually hold interesting stories all their own.

While I did not delve deeper into artifacts, bowls of distinguishing colors and shapes have fascinated me. Especially when I developed the taste for Japanese food; the presentation itself makes the entire thing enticing! But hold the sea urchin please.

Actually I have been buying these Japanese bowls and plates and this small cup they use to drink wine with, until I realized (thanks to my wife) that I haven't really been using them much, and so these were categorized as non-essential items. I brought some to the office instead for lunch.

At any rate, I was just passing by Landmark last week when I saw this nice blue bowl. And then I saw a couple of plates. And before I knew it, I was already at the counter paying for these nice finds. I really don't like to dilly-dally and spend hours deciding on what to buy. When I like it, I buy it. Which must be why I'm in such a financial fit right now. :-)

I showed the photo of the things I bought to my wife (Who is in Baguio now), and she exclaimed I could have bought more so we have reserves for gifts this coming Yuletide season! hmmm...

And why would she let me buy more? [Refer to the photo above] Because the rectangular plate in front costs 15 pesos (great for serving peanuts, or sushi if you're into that), the blue bowl at the right costs 15 pesos (I like rice toppings!), the plate at the left costs 18 pesos (is that a plate? not sure), and the white one at the back costs 20 pesos. There's a good 4.75 to 6.75 off each item. I only paid 68 pesos for this quartet! What a find!

So if you'd like to jazz up your dinnerware, head on to Landmark today. I think the sale isstill on for the month of September.
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