13 August 2005

Thank goodness for weekends!

Yes, I am looking forward to a restful weekend as my office computer hasn't exactly been very cooperative lately.

Yesterday, I e-mailed our Sales group and they received this single e-mail 12 times! Our Network Admin looked into the problem and he discovered that my e-mail client has reached twice the amount of e-mails it can handle. 2GB in all. So he re-configured my inbox and it looks ok so far. I just hope this problem didn't extend to customers I have been corresponding with.

And then, I was writing a rather lengthy document on MS Word when wham!. This error message popped before my unbelieving eyes.

It definitely is catastrophic. Wait a minute ... if I click on the OK button, does it mean that this catastrophe is ok with me? How come there isn't a NOT OK button?

Why is it that when you are doing something important, that's the time when things don't cooperate with you? Murphy's Law?

PS for some reason, I cannot make comments on my shoutbox. So I will just put my latest entries here:
Teacher Sol, visit ka lang when you have the time. No pressures, no worries :-)
Abaniko, ok rin blog mo so I linked you up as well.
Doc Emer, we're good. Thanks for visiting!
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