02 March 2007

Panagbenga: Landscape design contest

Our finding the landscape contest last Saturday afternoon was an accident. My wife, Jo-Lo, and I went to Burnham Park to leisurely spend the afternoon. Tina's older brother Joey was there was well; they were selling ice cream near the skating rink and it was good business.

Jo-Lo was running around and we were trying to keep up, when we noticed that there were people strolling about the rink. With a minimal 10 peso fee, we got in and found really nice landscape designs!

There were also stands selling a wide assortment of plants, from orchids to cacti, to variegated, decorative foliage, and colorful flowers. It was wonderful. We lingered there for quite some time before heading out to the lake and Jo-Lo continued running after the other kids and getting their toys.
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