10 March 2007

A splash of colors

Flowers taken in Baguio City


  1. watson,
    lagyan mo ng pangalan yang mga pics mo para di magamit ng iba.

  2. Hi Watson. Magnificent photos! I love flowers. The second photo reminds me of our yellow Cattleya. When it was in full bloom, I just had to take photos of it. I also asked my son to pose beside the lovely flowers. Here is the link when you have time to check it out: http://mysoulfulthoughts.blogspot.com/2006/07/cattleyas-in-bloom.html

    I agree with Cathy. Those are lovely pictures and it would be a shame if someone use them without your permission.

  3. wow very nice! these photos just reminded me that spring is just around the corner weeeeeee

  4. Oh how lovely. the name of the first 2 flowers escapes me.

    My mom used to grow a lot of antoriums when we were in Baguio. I remember them well. Beautiful.

  5. Anonymous8:18 pm

    gusto ko last photo, magka shape yung dahon pero kakaiba ang ganda nung subject, syiempre yung pulang bulaklak. nice!

  6. Anonymous1:03 am

    Tingin ko puro hard yung petals ng flowers na yan, yun bang pwedeng magtagal at di malalanta agad.

  7. Ca T: Sige gagawin ko. Thanks sa tip

    Rach: Baguio flowers are really lovely. Sige gawin ko advice ni Ca T

    Balikbayan Box: Pictures rin ng flowers sa blog mo ha!

    Leah: Flowers grow so well in Baguio. African violets are nice, although I don't see them as often as back in college.

    Iskoo: Thanks! Sa bahay namin yan. Bumubukas pa lang yung anthurium

    Ann: Yung anthurium tumatagal talaga. As for the first two, ok rin naman life nila. At least sa Baguio ha. Masyadong mainit sa Manila kasi.


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