15 March 2007

Baguio's Night Market

I was in Baguio Thursday til Sunday last week for business. I was with colleagues, one of whom (or should it be "one of which?") has a good friend living there. As we neared conclusion of our work last Friday, she gushed about the night market which her friend mentioned and that we ought to go after dinner. When she said it's located at Harrison Road, I knew what she was referring to. The Night Market is something that has been in existence even before the Flower Festival ( or Panagbenga). It was previously being held at Session Road, and then it moved to the road near Burnham Park.

So after dinner, off we went to the Night Market with my wife and Jo-Lo accompanying us.

(I don't know where Jo-Lo acquired this habit: whenever he sees a camera and hears the 1-2-3 countdown, he'd do his "pa-cute" smile. Hilarious. See his other smiling photos here.)

There's an assortment of items to be had at the Night Market. Popular items are woodcraft, beaded necklaces and bracelets, toys, woven clothing, bags, shoes, food!

Here's Mommy Tina and Baby Jo-Lo sharing their snack for the night.

The Night Market is usually there even when there are no holidays so I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to catch it during Holy Week. Really nice just taking a stroll by the park at nighttime with friends and enjoying the cool night air and checking out the items for sale.


  1. Anonymous7:01 pm

    anong difference sa merchandise ng night market sa binebenta anywhere else in baguio during the day? cheaper, perhaps?

    ang cute naman ng baby mo! marunong na mag-projek. kuha lang ng kuha!

  2. Cess: Hmmm... actually it's priced relatively similar to the day stores. Although if you buy lots, you can get discounts too. But you can also do that in day stores... but it's like a one-stop shop. Aside from handicrafts, there are also second-hand items, woodcarving that's cheaper I think, food, toys, etc. So instead of going from one place to another for shopping, it's all there laid-out for you.

  3. Cess: Oo nga... si Jo-Lo ang galing mag-project. Nakakatuwa!

  4. sir nick jolo has become sooooo cute! i want to bite him! grrrrr!

  5. Anonymous12:11 am

    Hindi nagmana sa daddy si Jo-lo na laging naka side view...hehehe.

    Mas masarap siguro mamili sa gabi dahil may halong pasyal na at the same time di ka naghahabol ng oras lagi.

    Pag nag update ako ikaw ang unang sasabihan ko..hahaha!

  6. Jo-Lo has a really cute smile. He must enjoy having his picture taken. My son also has a ready smile when he sees a camera.

    Glad you had fun at the night market.

  7. You should learn him to do the pa-cute sign! ;-)
    But he is really cute!

  8. Dessagirl: hold your horses!

    Ann: Napapansin mo pala posing ko. hehe. Yup, ok nga mag-miron dun. hahaha

    Rach: thank you! may pinagmanahan sya hehe

    Sidney: Paano yung pa-cute sign?

  9. I have never been to a night marke. It does look like a lot of fun from the pictures though.

    Do they sell those really thin strips of peanut candy? I cannot find it anywhere online or in any of the Filipino store here. Bummer.

  10. lam mo, kids nowadays talaga know about cameras na... even babies know that they should stop for a while :D

    some naman wait for the flash... so they smile after seeing the flash pa...

    and they know that even cellphones will take their pics...

    and know that after posing, they can already see their pictures :D

    that's babies and technology for us...

  11. sarap ng inihaw na mais with butter. yum hik!
    musta musta na preng watson?

  12. Shoshana: the peanut brittle is available all year round at the market. When it gets imported, I'm sure the cost can skyrocket. Nobody to bring it to you as pasalubong? Thanks for visiting!

    Mec: true, true... they really stop when they see a gadget pointed at them and smile!

    Tanggers: Oks naman ako. Ikaw kumusta na! Long time no hear sa blog mo!


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