05 March 2007

Light and Shade

It's photo experiment day! This one was taken in one of our treks in Cavite.

Please rate the photo in walking sticks. 1 walking stick for the lowest score, and 5 walking sticks for the highest score possible. Thanks!

Shutter 1/100, apperture f 2.7, focal length 6.0mm


  1. Anonymous6:58 pm

    naku, ayoko ng sticks, baka pag 1 stick ang bigay ko, mapalo pa ako,hehehe!

    i dont how to judge accdg to standards of "light and shade." pero ok naman po ang picture nyo.

  2. Anonymous8:13 pm

    4 walking sticks, gusto ko yung exposure, di naging silhouette yung naka tao pero at the same time kitang kita yung sun rays. siguro kailangan lang na nasa 1/3 ng frame yung subject mo, since paakyat yung tao, maganda kung maipapakita mo yung pupuntahan niya para mas maemphasize ang sense of direction.

  3. Cess: bakit mo alam? hehehe

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Iskoo: Uy salamat ha! Oo nga ano, mas maganda kung nakikita yung beyond at binawasan ko yung sa likod na part... salamat sa suggestion on directions.

  4. I won't rate the picture simply because everyone's perspective is different. What is pleasing to your eye may be not so pleasing to mine.

    However, if I were taking the picture, I would want my subject, in this case the person, to be lit up by the sunlight instead of backlit.

  5. uy, sino itong nag eemote?

    i give you a 4!

  6. Ed: Good point. I think that in instances where there's action, it's best to take multiple shots. I gotta learn how to do that with the camera.

    Dessagirl: thanks ha!

  7. hmmm...who would have thought one day you will have shutter speed 1/100 apperture churva on your blog...


    I like it, you're getting the hang of it :D

    rate: 4 out 5 stars

  8. Follen: uyyyyyy thanks ha! I had this photo printed out and it looked really nice.


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