22 March 2007

The raisin bread mystery

A couple of Christmases ago, I received a gift from a colleague the day before I was going home to Baguio for the holidays. It was bread rolled in colored plastic and tied with a festive ribbon. Being a perishable item, I unwrapped it upon reaching the apartment to try it out.

Ooooh! It was the most delicious raisin bread I ever tasted! The sweetness is just right, the bread soft and tender, and the raisins were so abundant, they were falling off the bread!

It was sooo good that I decided to save some to bring to my wife in Baguio. And when I saw her the following morning, I immediately gave her share and prodded her to give it a bite. She agreed with me. It was great bread indeed.

I thought to ask my colleague where he bought the bread but the holiday activities took up most of our time, and the inquiry was postponed, til it was time for me to get back to work.

Guess where the bread can be bought from. The Baguio Country Club. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The raisin bread made a round trip to Manila and back to Baguio!

I have been buying their raisin bread whenever we get a chance to visit the Baguio Country Club ever since, as pasalubong and for personal consumption. They have maintained the same yummy raisin bread I first tasted a couple of years ago. Half a loaf costs P59 plus tax and a whole loaf (shown here) costs P105 plus tax. Believe me, it's worth every cent.


  1. I will try this out next time I go to Baguio! Looks yummy

  2. It's on my list the next time I'm in town.

  3. That looks really good!

    Amazing how that bread travelled back and forth. :)

  4. Sidney: Yup, it truly is.

    Ed: Looking forward to your review!

    Rach: Yes, and funny how I did not know that Country Club offers this, and it's quite popular too. For people outside Baguio, that is.

  5. othie was the one who brought some to trends back then..

    sarap ito sir nick! panalo! may cinamon pa ata kaya ganun ka sarap..

    the raisin bread from BAG OF BEANS (tagaytay)is good too!

  6. Anonymous11:01 pm

    annMukha ngang masarap, ang layo nga lang ng bilihan, baguio pa.

  7. Anonymous11:07 pm

    kaya pala nawala yung ni type ko name, napunta dun sa comment...hehehe.

  8. yummy...gotta remember that when (if) i ever go back home again.

  9. My bestfriend's mother in law buys 3 dozen raisin bread everytime they go to Baguio and freezes them. They just take out one loaf at a time, slice and then microave the slices. 1 dozen of the loaves go are purely pang pasalubong lang. Grabeee! Rapsaaaa!

  10. Whenever a friend goes to Baguio, I won't ask for strawberry jam anymore. I'll order for this bread na. Aba'y salamat for sharing this. The bread looks yummy, indeed.

  11. yeah...fionski is right...

    the good thing about the BCC raisin bread is that you get the same taste even if it's frozen to the max...

    microwave lang katapat nun...

  12. Dessagirl: Oh yes I remember the one from Bag of Beans Tagaytay too. With butter. sarap!

    Ann: nagiging pasalubong item na rin sya. Yun nga lang, yung bibili kelangan dayuhin talaga. Parang Good Shepherd

    Leah: Bihira rin kasi ako sa Country Club kaya di ko alam to dati.

    Ate Fionski: waaaah ang sarap talaga ano?

    Abaniko: Baka tumaas kilay nung hihingan mo ng pasalubong... hindi kasi town proper ito hehehe

    Follen: Truly ever schmever

  13. hahahaha, hindi ba napanis?

  14. Anonymous12:38 pm

    P105 na pala. The last time I bought that, it was delivered to use sa Manor Hotel. i think the price was around P95. Yes, it was the best raisin bread I've ever tasted. sweet.

    -->arnold z.

  15. Mukang pagkasarap-sarap nga niyang raisin bread na iyan. Where can I buy it here sa Manila, meron kaya?

  16. Anonymous10:28 pm

    korek watson, sobranmg sarap talaga ng raisin bread nila, when we interviewed their manager, she was kind enough to give us several loaves, eat to sawa kme....

  17. my dad brings a couple of loaves for me every time he comes to visit. :) i've been eating raisin bread for as long as i can remember. sarap nga talaga.

    you can also cut it up and put it in an oven toaster. the sides get crunchy but the inside stays warm and soft. :)

  18. Scion: Yun ang isa pang maganda dito... it can last for days. Although sa sarap nito, bihira syang tumagal na hindi nagagalaw.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Arnold: How is you!?!?!

    Lani: I don't think available sya dito sa Manila.

    Lino: nainggit ako bigla. You got you raisin bread for free!

    Jessie: Uy oo yung rin sabi nila. Wala kasi akong oven toaster dito sa Manila so I haven't tried that yet.

  19. lol! yep, my aunts always have this bread at their house. And guess what, I saw it being sold at a caltex in la union! No wonder it's all over the place, it's great bread.

  20. Anonymous12:29 am

    meron din yung gawa ng holiday supermart... ok din...

  21. Anonymous8:51 pm

    i love their raisin bread as well.. for me bar none the best raisin bread

  22. Is the raisin bread still sold exclusively for members or the member's guest in Baguio Country Club?

  23. JMom: Caltex La Union? Wow, the bread does travel!

    Ellygears: hmmm... the last time I was at Holiday supermarket was back in college! Wow.

    docchef: you have good taste in bread :-)

    Jobert: when you arrive at the Country Club, you will see that opposite the main gate are a couple of nipa huts located in neatly-manicured lawn. This is where you can buy their raisin bread.


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