06 March 2007

Panagbenga's final weekend: Street fair

After the street dancing and float parade comes a week-long street fair, where Session Road is closed from vehicular traffic and booths are set-up offering a wide spectrum of goodies! Trinkets, food trip, bric-a-bracs, plants, and more food!

My wife, baby Jo-Lo and I dropped by last Saturday afternoon to savour the sights and sounds of the final days of Panagbenga 2007.

There were pockets of landscaped areas that look real nice, and makes you think that with a bit of imagination, you can really do a nice garden theme on such a small space.
This reminded me of Boracay, where you can get a henna tattoo by the beach.

There were also protrait-scketching booths. This one asked for a small donation, whatever amount is ok with you... another booth beside this charged for a fixed amount. P150.00, I think.
Here's one of the nicer food places in the fair.
Lots of nice things can be bought from the fair. Aside from Baguio / Benguet items, there were also booths from other places such as Vigan and Marinduque offering native delicacies and craft.
The Flower Club was demonstrating flower arrangement that afternoon. There were arrangements with vegetables and fruits in them too. Interesting.

Old friend and Jo-Lo's godfather Leo had a booth as well, with nice trinkets and accessories.As the night crawled in, we settled into a small food stall for a quick bite before calling it a night. There were still lots of people around. There was a concert too, but we couldn't stay. Perhaps when Jo-Lo's older.
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