26 March 2007

The Philippine Military Academy

The Philippine Military Academy (or PMA) has been in existence for over a hundred years now. It is the prime education center for those who aspire to serve the country as military personnel.

Its location in Baguio City make it also a popular tourist spot. A leisurely walk around the campus reveals breathtaking scenery and beautiful flowers.

This wide expanse is the place where the commencement exercises are held. It is televised over the local broadcast stations, and is expectedly attended by high-ranking military personnel.

A glorious day at the grounds. We were actually here for my wife's Family Day at school. I had to fall in line for our lunch food and stayed under the sun for 15-20 minutes, imagining how it's like for the cadets to stand for hours in similar weather. Guess what. I got sunburned! Surprise surprise. There are grounded planes, cannons, and tanks on display. They are popular photo-op areas.

There's a regular jeepney transportation to and from PMA (the terminal is at Burnham Park near Hotel Veniz). It takes under half an hour to get there, and the travel takes you through roads bordered with pine trees on both sides (this is the American Embrassy / Voice of America area). Beautiful.
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