13 July 2005

Happy Kiddie Meal!

I m a sucker for toys packaged with meals by fastfood chains (or restaurant, as McDonald's likes to call itself). Especially items with movie tie-ins!

Here's three of my recent acquisitions. The artoo unit at the left is from Jollibee, the Philippine equivalent to McDonald's. They came out with this item only last week; perhaps it was due to a delay in production. I did my usual rush to a nearby Jollibee outlet, only to find out that I need not really rush, because the thing costs a whooping P199.00 plus you have to buy a meal worth at least P150.00. Not many would like to shell out that much cash in one sitting. At any rate, I bought mine since I was already there. It's actually a lunch box. Push R2's 'eye' and out pops a straw from its domed top. The body divides into three containers, the top for water or juice, the other two for rice and viand. The arms convert into spoon and fork, though the handles look quite clumsy to use, and the spoon is a bit shallow. The feet become tissue holders I think. It's quite difficult to detach it from the arms so I didn't try. Personally, I think this lunch box is a disaster waiting to happen because the three compartments don't really lock into place securely so there's a huge possibility that your lunch can become quite a spectacle - on the floor.

The one in the middle is a Burger King water bottle. Buy a sizzling something meal and get this tumbler for P20.00. Or you may buy it separately at around P60.00 I think. I removed the rubber ball in the middle eventually; it's easier to hold with the gaping hole.

And the black tumbler is a KFC promotional item for Batman Begins. Harry, Francis and I bought the bucket meal good for four, and we got 4 tumblers and the plastic chicken container with the Batman design on it.

I have other toys at home that came from fast food specials: Finding Nemo, Tarzan, The Incredibles, Treasure Planet, etc. etc. But I don't have space at home anymore so they end up getting displayed anywhere there's a flat surface. I've brought some up to Baguio actually due to space constraints. Aaargh. Where will I place these new acquisitions now? Wait, what's this I see on TV? A new toy! Later!


  1. kawawa naman si r2d2. from one of the heroes of Star Wars to a shoddy lunch box na lang siya. What will george lucas say?

  2. Cherry, meet Arnold. Arnold, meet Cherry. From the CampV5 days!

  3. si arnold ung richest librarian on the planet di ba? yan sabi ni gorilla cabbab

  4. besides being a bowler ay buff din yan. :D mwehehehe. Kung sing buff ni C3P0 o R2D2 or yung burger king water bottle bahala na kayo mag decide. :D

  5. ookaaayyy... it feels like a reunion here.... kanpai!

  6. arnold,
    di ba ikaw ung pinuntahan namin ni bambi sa library ng ay-di-bee?

    sige puntahan ko blog mo soon.

    so chrome-plated din ba si arnold?

    kanpai? ikaw talaga ang promotor ng inuman! mwehehehe

  7. Cherry, sya na nga yun, wala nang iba. Pero I didn't know he bowls though. Iba na ang isport nya ngayon eh. Badminton.

    I'd better be careful what I say with Cherry around from now on ... hwehwehwe!

  8. wow .. bili ako maya ng tumbler sa BK .. lapit lang ako sa rotonda may BK dun. sakto po yan .. naghahanap ako ng tumbler. i just hoped hindi siya lasang plastik.

  9. Ummmm.... Airwind ... medyo amoy plastic eh. Dinala ko sa warehouse ito kaya lang di ko masyado nagamit...

  10. Pre watz! hintayin mong lumaki pa ng kunti si jolo, may paglalagyan lahat ng toys mo, hehehe.
    Wala pa ba dyang fantastic 4? meron na dito sa burger king!


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