19 June 2007

Jo-Lo is 2 years old!

I couldn't care less when they say how kids grow fast. But now that we have Jose Carlos, I couldn't help but be amazed at how fast the transition was from crawling to running, from milk to solid food. I can still remember the time when I held him in my arms in the hospital room as I tried to burp him on Father's Day.

And last weekend, we celebrated his 2nd birthday! We had the party at home, and we asked our parents and siblings to help out with the perparations. My mother does wonders with macaroni, and she made her famous macaroni soup and salad with sugar beets, along with lumpiang shanghai (the secret is in the shrimp!). My sister cooked kare-kare, her specialty. My wife's brother cooked menudo with gusto, while my mother- and brother-in-law Jojo made fresh lumpia with that special peanut sauce. My brother's wife made buco pandan. The fresh veggie salad was my idea but because I was busy with the decorations, my wife obligingly prepared it. I delivered the cake. :-) The kids (and grown-ups too!) had hotdogs, ice cream, and cake, and an assortment of sweets. And of course, no birthday party is complete without pancit for long life, lovingly prepared by my sister.

Throw away your diet plans today, ladies and gentlemen!

This was the day before the celebration. While the afternoon sun provided cool light and warmth, the preparations turned were moved outside the house.
Candle-blowing marked the start of the festivities
Eating time!
After lunch, the kids had loads of fun with games. Yours truly was one of the hosts so I wasn't able to take many photos. There was the "palayok", relays, newspaper dance, stop dance, and lots more.

I was amused when I announced "Next game: Trip to Jerusalem! Those who want to play, raise your hands!" I was met with curious stares. What game is that? When I explained that they have to grab chairs when the music stops, their faces lit up and and raised their hands eagerly. Me! Me! hahaha!

Ummm... Mommy Tina, where are you bringing that cake?
And of course, it was gift opening time at the end of the party! Jo-Lo likes this huge Command Center with sounds. I like it too. May I borrow it, Jo-Lo?Happy 2nd birthday, Jo-Lo!

[More photos can be found at Jo-Lo's Blog!]


  1. happy birthday to Jolo and belated Happy Father's Day.

  2. Happy Birthday to Jolo. I'm glad he had a wonderful birthday celebration. Ang sarap ng handa and he looks really happy with that huge birthday present.

  3. I forgot to add, belated Happy Father's Day!

  4. Anonymous3:56 am

    salamat watson na link na rin kita! bwahahaha

  5. I was like you when people mentioned that kids grow so fast. Now I'm a believer. So much happened in the first year that my head spins and I know twice as much is going to happen in this next year.

    When is Jo-lo getting a sibling?

  6. Happy Birthday to Jolo!! Time sure does fly. And you made me hungry again :-P

  7. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Happy birthday to Jolo. Sure looks like a fun party. I like the banner and the cake. What a great gathering with family at tulad ni Jmom, nagutom din ako.

  8. Anonymous4:51 pm

    happy birthday to jolo!

    you said your mom cooked lumpiang shanghai... kakahiya mang aminin, im trying to cook that pero hindi ko talaga makuha yung lasa. masarap naman ang luto ko, pero hindi lasang homemade shanghai, alam mo yon? so... can you please post your mom's recipe :) pls pls pls

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Yesss, time flies. One day, you'll just find out they are out of your household and have families of their own, hehe..kaya bili na nang rocking chair habang mura pa...Happy b-day to him.. Was
    the celebration in Baguio? Always love to see happy families during get-togethers...goodhealth.

  10. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Opo trublue, sa Baguio po ginanap ang naturang kasiyahan...

    Sa inyo pong lahat na bumati, mula po sa kaibuturan ng aming puso, MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PO!

    Nawa'y pagpalain po kayong lahat...

    inay tina;)

  11. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Tumanda tuloy ako ng sampung taon. Kuya or Manong is okay with me, wala na yung "opo", hahaha...
    Think my radar wasn't calibrated properly, hindi nadetect yang party ninyo, otherwise, nag-gate crash sana ako para libre pagkain.
    Cheers to all....

  12. Anonymous12:13 am

    Happy happy birthday Jo-lo!

    Ang bilis nga parang kelan lang noong unang maligaw ako sa blog mo eh months pa lang sya.

    Sarap magpaparty sa pinas, daming bata. Dito yung mga matatanda ang nag eenjoy.

  13. ...and before she knows it, she'll be 50, like me!

  14. Ca T: Salamat ha

    Rach: Hindi sya mapakali na i-sound yung alarm system nung toys!

    Rach ulit: Salamat!

    Igor: Tenchu c/o Jo-Lo!

    Jemme: Thanks!

    Ed: Yeah, I also wonder when Jo-Lo will have a sibling :-). How about little Abbey?

    JMom: In fairness, masarap raw lahat nung food! hehe

    Leah: Thanks... ako gumawa nung banner! hehe

    Cess: Sige I will ask my Nanay about the recipe and post it here.

    Trublue: Yep, sa Baguio nga. Buti na lang hindi umulan! Thanks!

    Ann: Medyo hindi na nga namin naasikaso yung matatanda e dahil sa games. Ok lang yun, matatanda na sila, carry na nila yun. haha

    Phil: Time didn't fly, it time-space-warped!

  15. Anonymous1:46 am

    Belated happy Birthday JOLO!!! Huli man daw at magaling, eh magaling pa rin, hehehehe.

  16. Thanks raw Tito Lino sabi ni Jo-Lo :-)

  17. hi nick, naks, the proud daddy. belated happy birthday to jolo, and wishing for more and more to come =)belated happy papas' day too nga pala.

  18. 2 years na ba? Ang bilis naman!!!

    Happy birthday little big boy Jo-lo!


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