07 June 2007

Return to Sta Lucia Falls in Dolores, Quezon

As our guide and I were discussing the various other options (of which the smaller caves were in the itinerary) while walking back to our service vehicle, we noticed that the others weren't following behind us. After a couple more minutes, we got worried and went back after them.

We should have known. They were already shopping for souvenirs and pasalubong! haha. We left them do their stuff and managed to include in our schedule San Jacobo (Jacob's Well) and Sta Lucia.

The path going to Sta Lucia splits into two at one point; the left path goes to Jacob's Well. I envisioned it to be a literal well with water in it as the cemented path finally gave way to a rocks and trees.

You are greeted by this shrine with a warning that you are on holy ground and enter it with respect.
The path, though going through uneven terrain, is quite easy. My companions managed to pose as I took this photo.
Here is Jacob's Well: a narrow cave which goes down to a pool of water below. One must traverse the narrow opening and rather steep wall without the aid of ropes to go to the bottom. Five people at a time can enter the cave. We took a peek inside. We saw a man at the bottom holding a candle, meditating. I'd say it was a about 15 feet going down. We decided not to go down, what with the slippery rock surface and all. Perhaps some other time.
So off we went to Sta Lucia Falls.

As we descended the flight of stairs going to the river and falls below, my companions were already thinking about the tiring ascent later. haha. But upon reaching the river, their concerns were momentarily forgotten as we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

A little over an hour later, we headed back to the cafe. What a day!
Next stop: Kinabuhayan Cafe and Kubli Springs!


  1. Why is Jacob's Well Holy ground?

  2. Anonymous7:56 am

    sarap ng pasyal nyo!! nakakainggit na kasi ang gaganda nung mga place!! nyahaha!!

    ingat kayo lagi kuya en God bless po!

  3. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Hi Nick, antagal ko na palang di nabisita dito. Wow, what a beautiful place to go. The falls and the tall coconut trees look so probinsya and very relaxing.

  4. Jacob's Well sits in the vicinity of Mt. Banahaw, a mystical mountain. It is said that saints apparate here, and that certain springs have healing properties. Jacob's Well is holy ground because St. Jacob is said to have appeared here and has been a place of meditation.

    Rho: Ang daming magandang lugar sa atin. Kelangan lang planuhin na puntahan :-)

    Leah: Welcome back! Oo nga, talagang masayang pumunta sa prubinsya.

  5. Watson,
    It reminds me of my early childhood--siguro mga four or five when my father used to bring us to the falls like this in Bicol.

    Naglalaba siya. hehehe. My dad took the responsibility of washing the blankets and curtains sa running water while we, children frolicked in the water.

    Picnic din kasi. we brought packed meals in dahong saging.

    At the end of the day, the laundry was dry and we were happy looking forward to the once-a-month daddy day.

  6. Cathy: Ang sarap rin ng naransan yung ganun noong bata ka pa ano? Sa Baguio, we caught tadpoles, dragonfiles, my brother had an army of spiders, we walked anywhere we want to. I can't imagine having a childhood where you don't know where eggs and milk came from, or run on an open field and feel the wind in your face, and see fireflies at night.

  7. wow naman kakaibang trip ... hope makapunta rin ako dyan ....

  8. Yo watson, whenever i feel like kailangan ko ng tunay na indiana jones, i come to your blog. :)

  9. Beautiful place!!!!

  10. Airwind: madali lang makapunta dito! For sure if you plan it, makakadalaw ka rin.

    Victoria: flattered naman ako! Kamukha ko ba si Indiana Jones? hehe

    Al: Yes it is. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Victoria: hindi po accessible profile nyo, hence your blog also cannot be located...

  12. pinalampas ko yung masinloc climb sana namin last week, kelan kaya kami makakapunta dito?


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