12 June 2007

Return to Kubli Springs in Dolores, Quezon

I wrote about Kubli some time back. It was just a quick side trip then, as we were given permission to visit the place. It's private property and is a secret place of Kinabuhayan Cafe (which, based on the many articles written about it in the Net, is no longer quite a secret). If you are checked in at Kinabuhayan Cafe, you may request Jay to hold one of your meals at Kubli.

We intended to have our dinner here, but Jay cautioned strongly that lunch be done instead. "I wouldn't like my guests swept away by the river!", he said. The rainy season has come and it has made the river moody at night. So lunch it was.

Inspite of the absence of the dreamt vision of the moon shining above us and the torches strategically placed along the riverbanks, we had fun nonetheless. The sun would hide amongst the clouds and take a peek occasionally. It even started to drizzle ever so slightly. But that didn't dampen our spirits as we enjoyed the scenery and the company.

At half past 12, the food started arriving. Great. We worked up a good appetite from coming to Kubli earlier and playing about the water. Soon we saw smoke nearby and learned they were grilling tilapia for us. yum yum.

And here comes the food!

Curried vegetables, salad, and steamed tilapia. We washed our hands and got down to business. Yum yum!
It was my first time to taste pako', a form of fern harvested along riverbanks. Tasty!
Sorry, no photos of the freshly-grilled tilapia. We were all grabbing plates already when the fish were served. And no frogs were harmed in the making of this post! :-)


  1. Anonymous3:12 am

    katakot yung palaka dun sa picture! yaaaay!!

    ayyy... ang sarap naman ng mga kinain nyo! waahhh... ginutom ako! when we went to Villa Escudero, doon ako nakaranas ng kumakain habang nasa tubig ka!! ang sarap ng feeling...

  2. Wow! Very rural ang dating, preskong presko!
    When we were young, we used to eat pako a lot. Blanched pako with bagoong, a bit of kalamansi and slices of tomatos. Ensaladang pako. Yum!

  3. Mouth watering dishes and wonderful place... what more could one ask for?

  4. rho: ay palaka! hehehe. Bihirang bihira na akong makakita ng palaka sa wild so nakakatuwa nung nakita namin ito.

    Ate Fionski: first time ko kumain nung pako'. Sabi ko pa, "nye! fern ang pinapakain sa atin!" Pero masarap daw. Ayun, masarap nga! Walang ganun sa Baguio eh

    Al: Yes! Couldn't agree more

  5. Anonymous12:16 am

    parang puro pasyal ka din ngayon ah, hehehe. bagong bihis pala ang bahay mo, mas malinis tingnan...:)
    saan ang sunod na adventure? :)

  6. Lino: di naman, nagkataon lang na mas magandang i-discuss separately yung mga pinuntahang lugar in one day :-). Thanks for the compliment on the new layout, I rather like it too. Next lakad? Pinaplano pa lang. Mas mahirap kapag rainy season kasi.

  7. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Is that Frog edible or poisonous?
    Careful on those "river-rocks" as they do become real slippery while they accumulate algae.

  8. Trublu: Ummm... I don't know, and I wasn't about to find out hehe

  9. Anonymous3:42 pm

    di yan yung frogs na hinuhuli namin at kinakatay when i was a child :)

    plan to return to kinabuhayan again...sana in a few months time

    it's usually unplanned, btw

  10. Tutubi: kinakatay yung frog? Ang ganda nung description mo, tutubi. hehehe. Yeah, sana makabalik pa kami ulit. Marami pang place na di napuntahan.

  11. ah yun pala yung ichura nung frog na sinabi mo. ganda nga ng kuha mo eh.


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