15 June 2007

Kinabuhayan Cafe in Dolores, Quezon

We stayed at the Kinabuhayan Cafe for our weekend getaway (not to be mistaken with Kinabuhayan, which is a different place altogether. The former is a bed and breakfast estblishment, while the latter is a jump-off point to a trek in Mt. Banahaw). The facade looks unassuming enough; cemented but with an open-air atmosphere. But once you enter the premises, you find yourself in open spaces.
We had dinner here in the garden. And what a wonderful dinner it was! I didn't know chicken can be sooo delicious. And the rice... how did they come up with such a delicious medley of spices, mushrooms, and whatever it is in the rice that made it oh so yummy!
Notice the pink things on top of the veggie mix? They're actually flowers! And they were edible. When Jay (one of the owners of the place and chef extraordinaire) walked about and asked how our dinner was going, we enthusiastically answered, "delicious!" But then he saw us delicately pushing the flowers aside and he bellowed: "What are you doing?! Those flowers are edible! Eat them! Eat them!" And so we did. The flower must have a delicate taste for the rice and chicken overpowered it so I'm not sure how it tastes like but it was ok.
There's a langka tree at the back with loads of fruits hanging about. We stared at these hungrily. We noticed that it's not being harvested. The fruits were just being left there until they become ripe, then overripe, then unfit for consumption already. We wanted to ask for some but we became "mahiyain" at the last minute.
You can also play billiards for free. Yipee!
It was, overall, a most relaxing break. I hope we can do it again soon!

And this brings to a close our wonderful weekend vacation in Dolores, Quezon.
Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Anonymous4:02 am

    looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves thoroughly. nice photos!

  2. Anonymous9:17 pm

    went there almost a year ago and blogged about it

    such a nice place...
    winston/jb, co-owner, is a friend of mine

    kinabuhayan cafe is in brgy kinabuhayan :)

  3. wow nick you actually ate the flowers

  4. Lei: yes it is.

    Lisa: Thanks! It was indeed an enjoyable weekend

    Tutubi: Oooh, we should mention you the next time we return. hehe

    When you say "Kinabuhayan", drivers would usually bring you to a different place so you have to specify "Kinabuhayan Cafe"

    Donna: Yeah.... that was daring. hahaha

  5. sayang pala di nyo na-try yung dinner. sana kapag kami na yung pumunta, di ganun kalakas ang daloy ng tubig sa ilog...

    sir nick, details sa guide at kung pano pumunta ha. hehehe.



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