26 June 2007

Transform, and roll out!

If you were a kid of the 80s, then you would know that the word "transformers" means a lot more than those metallic boxes that enable your 110v appliances to operate in our predominantly 220v environment. More than just a cartoon show (or anime, if you will), Transformers fueled the imagination of an entire generation.

Like many, I got hooked into Transformers mania. Though our family did not have the budget for the expensive merchandize, we managed to occasionally borrow action figures from friends, along with the catalog or box art that we would meticulously copy onto bond paper. We actually got so good at drawing these that we could draw them without the aid of the original material. We'd return these toys to their rightful owners, only to have them back again after a couple of days. These toys were really something. Most of them were of die-cast metal, and the details are outstanding (unlike today's plastic counterparts).

These toys were so influencial on me that I managed to buy some of these in the late 90s via eBay. They were indeed more expensive and have been elevated to collector's item status, but it was like regaining part of my happy history, and the cost didn't matter. I got, for example, Grimlock as my first purchase at a little over 100 US dollars, complete with box and manuals. I was able to add some more to my collection within a couple of years. Other priorities have since taken its course, but my cherished collection is still with me.
My humble collection

Last weekend, I was unaware that there was a Transformers event at EDSA Shangri-La until friend Emil SMSed me about it. I thought I would never be able to see the exhibit, but finally made it at 5:30PM.

The displays were incredible! Loads of toys in glass cases! There are indeed serious collectors out there! It was also heartening to learn that one of the artists for the Comics version of the Transformers is a Filipino, with some of his works displayed there. Argh, I forgot to take photos of the covers.

I frantically searched around for Emil and was in trying to call him when a guy cosplaying as Optimus Prime strode past. There he was with sidekick Bumblebee!

It was a really wistful moment, like I was back in the 80s, with the added touch of flat screen TVs showing the trailer of the upcoming movie, and new toy merchandize.

What?! No shirt for sale? And no discount on the toys? Oh well, at least the show was for free.


  1. Anonymous7:03 pm

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  2. bumblebee!!! is he in the movie? sana, sana! bukas na to!

  3. Anonymous10:54 pm

    huwaw!!! you have devastator and other transformer collection! cool!

  4. The guy in the Optimus Prime outfit doesn't look too happy. hehehe.

    LOL regarding the 110v/220v comment. :D

    i also got caught up in the transformer craze back in the '80s. We had some transformer toys, but don't know what happened to them.

  5. uy, meron din kaming transformers dati, one was a helicopter that would, after pushing and pulling and snapping would turn into a robot, it was red and grey. the other one was black and white and was a motorcycle that turned into a robot. they had these heat sensitive metallic stickers on the that showed an emblem after you rubbed your thumb on them for a while. actually they were my eldest son's, padala ng granduncle nya on his father's side from the states ... we never could have afforded them ourselves, kahit kalinggit lang na laruan. pinagkalakihan nalang at pinamigay when my son grew up. kung alam ko lang na magiging collectors items yan ...

  6. Anonymous10:20 am

    hi wats0n, ako yung imaginet, i didn't realize i was still logged into one of my test accounts :)

  7. kakaiba yung ulo ni prime sa picture, a! ay, si emil pala! :D

  8. I remember transformers--I used to have a firetruck one!

  9. Anonymous10:28 pm

    dami mo naman collections

    ako wala pera pambili nyan ng bata ako :(

  10. hmm.. havnt visited for a while because of a nasty pic. i swear, sir nick you have no idea how that thing scares. i'd really appreciate it if you never bring it up until i die. and i'm serious about that please.. no more, ok?

    heniwei, ang dami palang nag collect nun. i never had a transformer toy. was too girlie siguro to have one of those. but i remember watching them cartoons! cool!

  11. I remember watching Transformers cartoons when I was young.

    Sayang, we missed that event. I'm sure my husband and son would have enjoyed seeing those cool displays.

    You have a very cool collection too!

    We haven't seen the movie yet. We''ll watch it early next week. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  12. Rodrigo: eh?

    Zherwin: Yup andun si Bumblebee, and with major role pa

    Jepaperts: May blog ka ba? Share mo naman!

    Wil: Yes.. ang bigat raw nung costume. hehe

    Bambit: Long time no hear! Yes, I love the heat sensitive stickers too. Sayang, pinamigay nyo yung toys! They're worth more than their original value na.

    Meowok: Nagulat nga rin ako nung nakita ko sya eh. Kaya pala di masagot ang phone, busy sa cosplay ang lolo. hehe

    Rachie-babe: Asan na? Bilhin ko ng mura lang ha.

    Tutubi: Ako rin naman... kaya nung may work na ako tsaka ako nakabili. Sa eBay pa!

    Dessa: Spoken like a true 80s girl

    Rach: Napadaan lang ako to see the final few hours of the event. Enjoy the movie!

  13. Anonymous9:19 am

    ok, call me a girl (or maybe i'm just older than you) but i did not realize that the transformers were that big in the 80s! but i am glad that you are happy about finally buying your dream toys. i have friends who insist that they're buying all that stuff for their sons... hehehe!


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